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3/16" Cord - Ivory
3/16" Cord - Black
1/4" Lip Cord - White
1/4" Lip Cord - Ivory
1/4" Lip Cord - Brown / Dark Gold
1/4" Lip Cord - Chocolate
1/4" Lip Cord - Red
3/16" Lip Cord - Salmon
1/4" Lip Cord - Denim
1/4" Lip Cord - Black
5/16" Lip Cord - Salmon
1065-D1 Terracotta
108" Crushed Sheer Voile - White
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Red
Holdbacks - Arrowhead Black
Holdbacks - Basket Pewter
Holdbacks - Swirl Black
Holdbacks - Basket Bronze
Holdbacks - Feather Black
Holdbacks - Feather Bronze
Holdbacks - Savannah Bronze
Holdbacks - Crown Black/Gold
Abbey Espresso
Accord Chocolate / Linen
Adrianna Cappuccino
Adrianna Golden Light
Adirondack Barn Red
Adirondack Natural
Adirondack Navy
Agatha Caramel
Agatha Cinnamon
Agatha Teal
Alyson Brown
Alyson Cinnamon
Allison Sahara
Aldo Cinnamon
Aldo Teal
Allsport Crimson / Black
Allsport Orange / White
Allsport Soil / Black
All in the Cards Tea Stain
Albacot Sangria
Alveraz Multi
Amsterdam Chocolate / White Slub
Amsterdam Snorkel / White Slub
Amazon Sand
Anastasia Canyon
Angela Mint
Angela Wheat
Remnant : Anatine Cypress
Annadal Wheat
Anne 207
Anne 209
Andover Plaid - Navy
Galaxy Vinyl Black
Aquarium Azure
Aspen Ebony
Aspen Scarlet
Athens 07
Athens 11
Athens 12
Athens 7094
Audrey - Oak
Avenue Bink
Avenue Pink
Avani Carmel
Avani Sandlewood
Avani Taupe
Avani Wheat
Avari Carmel
Avari Sandlewood
Avari Taupe
60" Burlap - 100 Yard Roll
Balboa 30
Balboa 7087
Balboa 71
Balboa 779
Balboa 8189
Balboa 9129
Bayside Treasure
Bayside Wine
Bali Black
Bali Pottery
Baby Quilt Panel - Dutch Kids Red
Baby Quilt Panel - Sailed Off in a Wooden Shoe - Primary
Barnum Crayon
Barnum Licorice
Barnum Pastel
Barnum Regatta
Barnum Salmon
Barnum Spring
Barnum Strawberry
Bancroft Honey Brown
Bagley Flax
Belissima Coral
Beaded Tassel - Olay
Belissima Java
Belissima Sage
Belissima Taupe
Belissima Truffle
Belize Aubergine
Belize Berry
Belize Oakwood
REMNANT Berkshire Olive
Belize Revere
Berkshire Shiraz
Bellovali Cream
Bengali Smoke
Bengali Tawny
Between Floral Aqua
Bengali Cream
Bell Nugget
Between Floral Pink
Bell Wine
Beaucoup Lip Cord 3/8"
Bejar Almond
Bejar Buttercream
Bejar Jungle
Bejar Plum
Bellamy Blossum Green
Bullion Fringe 3" - Ruby
Bullion Fringe 6" - Light Rose
Belgrade Aqua
Belgrade Lacquer Mix
Belgrade Lacquer
Belgrade Light Sand
Remnant-Belgrade Ocean
Belgrade Olive
Belgrade Oyster
Belgrade Sage
Belgrade Sky
Hanes Eclipse Black Out 3 Pass Drapery Lining - White
Bluechip Pin Dot Taupe
Botanical Kasper - slightly imperfect
Botanical Mint
Botanical Sky
Bombay Scarlet
Britannia Antique
Brietta Coral
Brietta Taupe
Brushed Cord 05
Brushed Cord 09
Brushed Cord 10
Brushed Cord 45
Brushed Cord 7087
Brushed Cord 71
Brushed Cord 7317
Brushed Cord 8963
Brad Coral
Brushed Fringe 36
Brushed Fringe 4632
Brushed Fringe 572
Brushed Fringe 59
Brushed Fringe 5912
Brushed Fringe 686
Brushed Fringe 7200
Brushed Fringe 7317
Brushed Fringe 779
Brushed Fringe 86
Brushed Fringe 940
Brushed Fringe 950
Brushed Fringe 960
Brad Taupe
Brigantine Sunset
Brahms Stripe Taupe
Britannia Natural
Brawl Royal
Brawl Orange
Brooklyn Onyx
Richloom - Breton Stainglass
Richloom - Breton Sunwash
Bullion Tassel Fringe - Gold Mix
Bullion Tassel Fringe - Green / Gold
Bullion Tassel Fringe - Green Mix
Bullion Tassel Fringe - Rust / Gold
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Burgundy
60" Burlap - 50 Yard Roll
Buttercups English
Bubbles Lime
Burby Sand
Calcutta Champagne
Carmina Champagne
Carla Chartreuse
Casablanca Lime / Bright Pink
Calcutta - Mustard
Carrie Black / White
Capulet Stripe Chiffon
Candice Coral
Carrie - English Pink
Carrie Olive / Linen
Carrie Orange / Blue
Carrie Orange / Black
Carrie Paris
Carrie Purple / Gold
Candice Taupe
Candice Truffle
Casablanca Leaf Lime / Bright Pink
Carman Chartreuse
Candahan Lacque
Richloom - Captain / Palm
Casino Multi
Casablanca Stripe Lime / Bright Pink
Canut Brown
Canopy Baby Pink
Candy Berry
Canopy Black / White
Canopy Chartreuse / White
Canopy Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Candy Cherry
Candy Kiwi
Canopy Lipstick
Candy Mango
Canopy Navy/White
Bullion Tassel Fringe 4" - Ruby
10 oz. Cotton Duck Natural - slightly imperfect
7 oz. Cotton Duck Natural - slightly imperfect
Ceres Tarnish
Celebrity Cinnamon
Ticking Indigo
Ticking Black
Ticking Green
Chatsworth Beige
Chatsworth Butter
Charleston Gingham Blue
Charleston Gingham Black
Charm Chocolate
Charm Coral
Charleston Gingham Green
Charm Plum
Chelan Maple
Chaney Dots Mocha
Chatterly Celadon
Chantilly French Blue / Kelso
Chantilly Maggie / Kelso
Chirpy Pyramid
Chirpy Tabasco
Ciba Berry
Ciba Spice
Citi Scene Berry
Citi Scene Bronze
Circles Black / White
Classic Denim
Chenille Loop Fringe - Jungle
Chenille Loop Fringe - Wine
Clifton Cream
Clifton Espresso
Clifton Maple
Clifton Sage
Clifton Treasure
Clio Kumqua
Collette - Barnacle
Couture Black / White
Coral Reef Caribbean
Coral Reef Cocoa
Confetti Salmon
Cotton Duck - Green Apple
Remnant-Corral Basil
Colonial Black / White
Colonial Black / Linen
Corral Paprika
Coliseum Brick
Conversation B - #01 Cameo
Conversation B - #11 Golden
REMNANT-Conversation B - #19 Kiwi
Conversation B - #02 Chiffon
Conversation B - #24 Chocolate
Conversation B - #03 Oat
Conversation B - #05 Chili
Conversation B - #06 Doe
Conversation B - #09 Seafoam
Colburn Ginger
Cosmo Black
Cosmo Bluebell
Cosmo Bubblegum
Cosmo Cherry
Cosmo Coral
Cosmo Gold
Cosmo Java
Cosmo Kiwi
Cosmo Latte
Cosmo Purple
Cosmo Punch
Cosmo Raspberry
Cosmo Sienna
Cosmo Spice
Cosmo Teal
Cosmo Truffle
Cosmo Zen
Cord 114
Cord 1195
Cord 126
Cord 127
Cord 18
Cord 24
Cord 2425
Cord 2703
Cord 29
Cord 2906
Cord 2932
Cord 30
Cord 3080
Cord 31
Cord 33
Cord 3432
Cord 36
Cord 45
Cord 4632
Cord 4686
Cord 553
Cord 565
Cord 567
Cord 572
Cord 585
Cord 59
Cord 5912
Cord 68
Cord 686
Cord 7082
Cord 7086
Cord 7087
Cord 7094
Cord 7097
Cord 71
Cord 7118
Cord 7158
Cord 7167
Cord 7168
Cord 7200
Cord 7205
Cord 7206
Cord 7317
Cord 7328
Cord 7375
Cord 7610
Cord 77
Cord 7701
Cord 779
Cord 8184
Cord 8189
Cord 8300
Cord 854
Cord 86
Cord 867
Cord 873
Cord 8959
Cord 8961
Cord 8963
Cord 9129
Cord 9145
Cord 9162
Cord 9170
Cord 9171
Cord 940
Cord 9401
Cord 9403
Cord 9454
Cord 9462
Cord 950
Cord 960
Cord 99
Collins Dawn
Cubed Autumn
Czarine Chartreuse
Czarine Truffle
Duke Cord - Natural
Duke Cord - Wine
Duke Loop Fringe - Antique
Duke Tassel Fringe - Antique
Duke Tassel Fringe - Mocha
Duke Tassel Fringe - Natural
Duke Tassel Fringe - Old Gold
Duke Puff Fringe - Mocha
Dalia Brick
Dandie Sweet Potato / Natural
Dazzling Beach
Dandelion Gold
Dasan Sunset
Daisy Bink
Dainty Jupiter Breeze
Dainty Moss
Daisy Spa
Desert Shade
54" Silk Dupioni Multi Stripe - Diva Seduction
Diamond Gate
Diamond Kelso / Maggie
Diamond Kelso Brown / French Blue
Ditto Sunset
Dimples Butter
Dimples Copper
Dimples Gold
Ditzy Avocado
Ditzy Taupe
Dottie Bink
Dottie Black / White
Dottie Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Dottie Chocolate / Natural
Dottie Spa
Dottie Latte
Country Flower
Dragonfly Denim
Remnant-Drapery - Parthenon Rose
54" Dupioni Silk #01 - Antique Bronze
54" Dupioni Silk #03 - Butternut
54" Dupioni Silk #04 - Oakwood
54" Dupioni Silk #06 - Mocha (slightly imperfect - shaded)
54" Dupioni Silk #07 - Nutmeg
54" Dupioni Silk #08 - Green Mist
54" Dupioni Silk #09 - Sage
54" Dupioni Silk #10 - Moss
54" Dupioni Silk #14 - Brick
54" Dupioni Silk #15 - Black
54" Dupioni Silk #18 - Red
54" Dupioni Silk #19 - Cinnamon
54" Dupioni Silk #20 - Vintage Gold
54" Dupioni Silk #21 - Goldenrod
54" Dupioni Silk #22 - Wine
54" Dupioni Silk #23 - Butter Cream
54" Dupioni Silk #25 - Paprika
54" Dupioni Silk #26 - Kiwi
54" Dupioni Silk #27 - Avocado
54" Dupioni Silk #29 - Tangerine
54" Dupioni Silk #30 - Antique Gold
54" Dupioni Silk #31 - Rum
54" Dupioni Silk #32 - Brass
54" Dupioni Silk #33 - Ruby
54" Dupioni Silk #34 - Cranberry
54" Dupioni Silk #35 - Bluestone
54" Dupioni Silk #36 - Saffron
54" Dupioni Silk #37 - Coral
54" Dupioni Silk #39 - Horizon
Dublin - Color 30
Dublin - Color 572
Dublin - Color 59
Dublin - Color 686
Dublin - Color 7087
Dublin - Color 7200
Dublin - Color 779
Dublin - Color 8963
Dublin - Color 940
Dublin - Color 9490
Durango Cinnabar
Tapestry - Ducks
Bead and Cone Trim - A1
Bead and Cone Trim - A3
Bead and Cone Trim - E
Bead and Cone Trim - J
Bead and Cone Trim - N2
Bead and Cone Trim - N4
Bead and Cone Trim - N6
Bead and Cone Trim - Q
Bead and Cone Trim - V
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Almond
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Bronze
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Brass
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Cranberry
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Eden
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Imperial
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Napoleon
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Osborne
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Ruby
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Tobacco
REMNANT 54" Silk Dupioni 9" Stripe - Dynamo Truffles
Hanes Linit Basic Drapery Lining - White
Echo Crayon
Echo Strawberry
Bullion Fringe 2.5" - Ruby
Bullion Fringe 2.5" - Light Rose
Elba Burgundy
Equus Gold
Erika 106
Essential Ash Rose
Essential Red
Essential Riviera Sky - slightly imperfect
Eva 2601 - Color #572
Eva 2601 - Color #59
Eva 2601 - Color #5912
Eva 2601 - Color #7317
Eva 2601 - Color #950
Eva 2601 - Color #960
Eva 614 - Color #572
Eva 614 - Color #59
Eva 614 - Color #5912
Eva 614 - Color #7200
Eva 614 - Color #7317
Eva 614 - Color #940
Eva 614 - Color #950
Eva 614 - Color #960
Faux Suede - Durapella Khaki
Faux Suede - Nutmeg
Fantuti Citrine
Fabriano Cypress
Fancy Baby Pink
Fancy Candy Pink / Chartreuse
Fancy Candy Pink / Black
Felicity Antique
Felicity Fire
Felicity Nugget
Felicity Putty
Feco Bay - Terracotta
Fil Harmonic Godiva
Fil Harmonic Lava
Fil Harmonic Peony
First Mate Natural
Finkle Yellow
Finn Lagoon
Finn Mint
Finn Treasure
Figaro Bamboo
Figaro Chocolate
REMNANT Figaro Coral
Figaro Gold
Fil Stripe Marsala
Fil Groovy Lava
Fleance Aubergine
Fleance Cafe
Fleance Olive
Fleance Wine
Floral Vine Antique Gold
Fleco Roman - Color 30
Fleco Roman - Color 572
Fleco Roman - Color 7087
Fleco Roman - Color 7200
Fleco Roman - Color 941
Fleco 30
Fleco 4632
Fleco 565
Fleco 572
Fleco 59
Fleco 5912
Fleco 686
Fleco 7083
Fleco 7087
Fleco 7094
Fleco 7200
Fleco 779
Fleco 86
Fleco 8963
Fleco 940
Fleco 9401
Flowers on Canvas Ruby
Flame Retardant - Floral
REMNANT Fontana Almond
Fontana Teal
Football Orange / Blue
Football Orange
Football Red / Black
Fort Almond
REMNANT - Fort BayLeaf
Fort Spice
Fort Teal
Franzine Green/Mint
Franzine Barnacle
Franzine Black
Franzine Seaspray
Franzine Treasure
Frito Navy
REMNANT Fusion Wine
Funky Monkey Ruby
Gaila 303
Gaila 306
Paradise Garden Beige
Paradise Garden Dark Coffee
Paradise Garden Maroon
Paradise Garden Mustard
Paradise Garden Sage
Gate Embroidery Black
Game Day Black / Canary
Game Day Corn Yellow / Marine
Game Day Crimson/ Corn Yellow
Game Day Curry / Black
REMNANT Gate Embroidery Gold
Game Day Orange / White
Game Day Purple / Gold
Gelato Barnacle
Gelato Basil
Gelato Butter
Gelato Espresso
Gelato Licorice
Gelato Pearl
Gelato Salmon
Gelato Treasure
Giraffe Java / Natural
Gigi - Color #960
Gimp 1
Gimp 2
Gimp 4
Gimp 6
Gimp 7
Gimp 8
Gimp 9
Gingham Garden Black
Giro Chocolate
Giro Dark Gold
Gingko Rust
Glam Sweet Potato / Natural
Granita Fawn
Greylock Cardinal
Grosgrar Daffodil
Gwyneth Plum
Gypsy Brandy
Hampshire Mist
Hampton Aloe / Natural
Hathaway Linen
Hermosa Antique / Nugget
Hermosa Aqua
Hermosa Barnacle
Hermosa Blush
Hermosa Bluebell
Hermosa Brick
Hermosa Brass
Hermosa Cayenne
Hermosa Carousel
Hermosa Carnation
Hermosa Chocolate Solid
Hermosa Champagne
Hermosa Chocolate
Hermosa Cherry
Hermosa Cinnamon
Hermosa Coffee
Hermosa Coral
Hermosa Coin
Hermosa Eggplant
Hermosa Horizon
Hermosa Jungle
Hermosa Kiwi
Hermosa Leaf
Hermosa Mint
Hermosa Mulberry
Hermosa Oakwood
Hermosa Olive Tree
Hermosa Old Wine
Hermosa Parrot
Hermosa Petal
93" Drapery Jacquard - Helma Plaid
Hermosa Putty
Hermosa Revere
Hermosa Salmon
Hermosa Sailor
Hermosa Seaweed
Hermosa Seagull
Hermosa Shoreline
Remnant-Hermosa Suede
Hermosa Sunshine
Hermosa Sunflower
Hermosa Terracotta
Hermosa Toffee
Hermosa Treasure
Remnant-Hermosa Vintage
Hermosa Wheat
Hermosa Wine
Hero Putty
Hero Sierra
Hikeah Goldenrod
Hilo - Color 10
Hilo - Color 11
Hilo - Color 4
Hilo - Color 5
Hilo - Color 6
REMNANT*Horizon 5
REMNANT Horizon 6
Horgan Gold
Hocus-Pocus Almond
Hocus-Pocus Aztec
Horses Black
Horses Burgundy
Hocus-Pocus Cocoa
Hocus-Pocus Dove
Hocus-Pocus Henna
Hocus-Pocus Meadow
Impeccable Berry
Interlace Indes
Hanes 5 oz. Interlining - White
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Bright Fuchsia
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Black
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Bright Purple
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Burgundy
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Bright Turquoise
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Crystal AB
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Grey
Raindrop Beaded Trim - Purple
4.5" Beaded Trim - Brown / Turquoise / Pearl - 5 Yards
4.5" Beaded Trim - Brown - 5 Yards
Eyelash Trim Beige - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Beige / Camel - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Black / Ivory / Camel - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Black - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Black / White - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Blue - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Brown - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Brick Red - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Camel - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Denim - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Fuchsia - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Gold - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Ivory - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Light Blue - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Lime- 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Light Yellow - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Mint Green - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Olive - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Light Pink - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Plum - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Purple - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Red - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Red / Green / Beige - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Orange - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Turquoise - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Christmas Green - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Green / Red / White - 10 yard spool
Eyelash Trim Yellow - 10 yard spool
4" Beaded Trim - Brown Multi - 5 yards
2.5" Seed Beaded Trim - Orange
Basic Gimp - Cranberry
Basic Gimp - Cocoa
Basic Gimp - Cinnamon
Basic Gimp - Eggplant
Basic Gimp - Ivory
Basic Gimp - Plum
Basic Gimp - Seafoam
Basic Gimp - Sage
Circle Gimp - Black
Circle Gimp - Brown
Circle Gimp - Cranberry
Circle Gimp - Denim
Circle Gimp - Plum
3/8" Lip Cord - Black
3/8" Lip Cord - Brown
3/8" Lip Cord - Cranberry
3/8" Lip Cord - Cocoa
3/8" Lip Cord - Cinnamon
3/8" Lip Cord - Eggplant
3/8" Lip Cord - Plum
3/8" Lip Cord - Sage
5" Lolly Pop Beaded Trim - Red - 5 yards
Slanted Bead Trim - Black / Multi
Slanted Bead Trim - Green / Multi
Beaded Eyelash Trim Beige - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Blue - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Black - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Brown - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Brick Red - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Camel - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Fuchsia - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Ivory - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Light Blue - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Light Green - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Olive - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Lime - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Plum - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Purple - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Red - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Orange - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Turquoise - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim White - 10 yard spool
Beaded Eyelash Trim Yellow - 10 yard spool
Fiber Patch Trim Multi 1 - 10 yards
Fiber Patch Trim Multi 3 - 10 yards
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Black
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Fuchsia
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Lime
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Purple
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Turquoise
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Yellow
Beaded Drop Trim - Black
Beaded Drop Trim - Copper
Beaded Drop Trim - Grey
Beaded Drop Trim - Red
Fiber Patch Trim White Multi - 10 yards
Fiber Patch Trim Olive/Blue Multi - 10 yards
Fiber Patch Trim Lavender Multi - 10 yards
Bugle Bead Trim - Crystal AB
Bugle Bead Trim - Fuchsia
Bugle Bead Trim - Lime
Bugle Bead Trim - Purple
Bugle Bead Trim - Orange
Bugle Bead Trim - Yellow
Sequin Trim Fuchsia
Sequin Trim Lime
Sequin Trim Purple
Sequin Trim Yellow
Cherry Loop Fringe - Black
Cherry Loop Fringe - Cranberry
Cherry Loop Fringe - Cinnamon
Cherry Loop Fringe - Egg Plant
Cherry Loop Fringe - Plum
Cherry Loop Fringe - Sage
Beaded Teardrop Fringe - Cinnamon
Beaded Teardrop Fringe - Eggplant
Beaded Teardrop Fringe - Sage
1" Woven Gimp - Cinnamon Multi
Ball & Teardrop Beaded Fringe - Cinnamon Multi
Ball & Teardrop Beaded Fringe - Slate Multi
Tassel & Teardrop Beaded Fringe - Cranberry Multi
Tassel & Teardrop Beaded Fringe - Cinnamon Multi
Tassel & Teardrop Beaded Fringe - Slate Multi
Pearl & Crystal Beaded Fringe - Cranberry Multi
Pearl & Crystal Beaded Fringe - Cinnamon Multi
Victorian Teardrop Fringe - Brown Multi
Victorian Teardrop Fringe - Chocolate
3/8" Lip Cord - Hunter Green Multi
3/8" Lip Cord - Pewter Multi
3/8" Lip Cord - Red Multi
Ric-Rac Patch Tassel Fringe - Chocolate
Ric-Rac Patch Tassel Fringe - Chocolate Multi
Ric-Rac Patch Tassel Fringe - Red Multi
Ric-Rac Patch Tassel Fringe - Slate Multi
Ric-Rac Patch Cut Fringe - Black
Ric-Rac Patch Cut Fringe - Chocolate Multi
Ric-Rac Patch Cut Fringe - Red Multi
Isabella Crystal Fringe - Ivory
Isle Lipstick / Linen
Islington Capri - Indoor/Outdoor
Jakarta Black
Jamestown Baby Blue
Jamestown Baby Pink
Jamestown Blue
Jamestown Black / White
Jamestown Chocolate / Natural
Jamestown Chocolate / Linen
Remnant-Jamestown Kelso / English
Jarrett Molasses
Jessa Apricot
Jessa Buttercream
Jenoa Rustic
Jessa Stone
Beaded Fringe Jewel - Barnacle
Beaded Fringe Jewel - Mocha
Beaded Fringe Jewel - Onyx
Beaded Fringe Jewel - Shoreline
Beaded Fringe Jewel - Treasure
Jester Apple Green
Jester Bink
Jester Cherry
Jester Cinnamon
Jester Latte
Jester Lilly
Jester Meadow
Jester Pink
Jersey Cream
Jersey Maple
Jersey Sage
Jersey Treasure
Jilly Junior Jewel
Jockey Club Jet
Jockey Club Scarlet
Jockey Club Straw
Jolie Iris
Jondalair Apricot
Jondalair Buttercream
Jungle Black
Jungle Cat Desert
Remnant-Jubilant Red / Gold
Jungle Cat Toffee
Jungle Cat Winter
Jussy - Color 106
Jussy - Color 301
Jussy - Color 303
Jussy - Color 305
Kaleidoscope Wild
Kentridge Maple
Kimono Black / White
Crystal Head Tassel - Carnival
Crystal Head Tassel - Flamingo
Crystal Head Tassel - Bubblegum
Crystal Head Tassel - Cotton Candy
Crystal Head Tassel - Fiesta
Lavish - Brick
Lavish - Toffee
Laurel Red/Gold
Lauren Habanero
Lancaster Burnt Orange
Lancaster Denim
Lancaster Kelso / Maggie
Lancaster Lavender
Lancaster Orange
Lancaster Pink
Lancaster Sailor
Lancelot Port
3/8" Lip Cord- #1
3/8" Lip Cord- #1A
3/8" Lip Cord- #2A
3/8" Lip Cord- #7
3/8" Cotton Lip Cord- Cream
Large Tassel Fringe - Rose/Brown
Large Tassel Fringe - Chocolate/Cranberry Multi
Ribbon & Eyelash Trim - Salmon / Brown
Ribbon & Eyelash Trim - Cream / Brown
Ribbon & Eyelash Trim - Multi Green / Copper
Flower Trim - Bright Fuchsia
Flower Trim - Beige
Flower Trim - Bright Lime
Flower Trim - Bright Purple
Flower Trim - Brown
Flower Trim - Burgundy
Flower Trim - Bright Orange
Flower Trim - Bright Turquoise
Flower Trim - Bright Yellow
Flower Trim - Mauve
Flower Trim - Pink
Flower Trim - Sage
Flower Trim - White
Looped Fiber & Eyelash Trim - Rose / Olive
Looped Fiber & Eyelash Trim - Gold / Brown
Looped Fiber & Eyelash Trim - Burgundy / Pink
Looped Fiber & Eyelash Trim - Green / Purple
Looped Micro Patch Fringe - Green
Looped Micro Patch Fringe - Plum
3.5" Confetti Fringe - Ivory
Rectangular Beaded Trim - Black
Rectangular Beaded Trim - Eggplant
Diamond Beaded Trim - Cinnamon
3/4" Chenille Gimp - Brown
3/4" Chenille Gimp - Cinnamon
3/4" Chenille Gimp - Purple
3/4" Chenille Gimp - Red
Brushed Cord - Cinnamon/Multi
Brushed Cord - Purple/Multi
Leopard Chocolate / Natural
Leopard Green Apple
Leopard Natural
Leopard Purple / Apple
Leopard Purple
Leopard Topaz
Lete Spring
Leopardo Cappuccino
Leopardo Earthen
Leopardo Gold
Leopardo Sand
Lexus Bronze
Let's Play Soil
Lima Allover
Liandra Honey
Linen Life Ocean
Lingsong Straw
Lilyum Stripe
Lilyum Poppy
Lisbon 30
Lisbon 33
Lisbon 4632
Lisbon 572
Lisbon 59
Lisbon 5912-2
Lisbon 7087
Lisbon 71
Lisbon 779
Lisbon 9129
Linen Solids Brick
Linen Solids Mocha
Linen Plain Sweet Pea
Little Tiger Black / White
Limoges Espresso
Linen Filly Orange
Library Red
Lancelot Truffel
Long Leaf Adobe
London Fog Rosemary
Lovely Indigo
Luis Solid 3704 Beige
Lucky Charm Denim Indigo
Luciano Sage
Luxor Bamboo
Luxor Chocolate
Luxor Coral
Luxor Gold
Luxor Wine
Lucky Black
Lucky Chocolate
Lucky Fuchsia
Lucky Hunter Green
Lucky Lime
Luxury Denton Linen
Lucky Off-White
Lucky Red
Lucky Teal - Indoor/Outdoor
Lucky White
Malaga 30
Malaga 33
Malaga 4632
Malaga 572
Malaga 59
Malaga 5912-2
Malaga 686
Malaga 7087
Malaga 71
Malaga 7200
Malaga 7317
Malaga 779
Malaga 8189
Malaga 86
Malaga 9129
Maya Chocolate
Maya Coral
Marbella Olive / Linen
Malaga Orchard
Malaga Spring Garden
Marquee Coffee
Macbeth Sunburst
Manzini Beige
Manzini Sage
Marion Bink
Mandarin Black
Madison Black / White
Madison Black / Candy Pink
Madison Candy Pink / Chartreuse
Madison Chocolate / Linen
Madison Gate / Baby Pink
Marathon Hunter
Marathon Jazz
Marion Latte
Madison Lipstick / Linen
Marathon New Lilac
Marion Onyx
Marion Pink
Mazatan Sunrise
Marlo Autumn
Marlo Celadon
Manchester Espresso
Madras Faux Silk Charcoal
Madras Faux Silk Merlot
Madras Faux Silk Midnight
Madras Faux Silk-Natural
Madras Faux Silk-Sage
Madras Faux Silk-Spice
Malibu Antique
Malibu Aqua
Malibu Barnacle
Malibu Black / White
Malibu Blush
Malibu Black
Malibu Bluebell
Malibu Brass
Malibu Cayenne
Malibu Carousel
Malibu Carnation
Malibu Chocolate Solid
Malibu Champagne
Malibu Chili
Malibu Chocolate / Natural
Malibu Cherry
Malibu Cinnamon
Malibu Coffee
Malibu Coin
Malibu Eggplant
Malibu Espresso
Malibu Kiwi
Malibu Leaf
Malibu Merlot
Malibu Oakwood
Malibu Petal
Malibu Pearl
Malibu Porcelain
Malibu Putty
Malibu Revere
Malibu Sage Solid
Malibu Sage
Malibu Salmon
Malibu Seaweed
Malibu Seagull
Malibu Shoreline
Malibu Snow
Malibu Spring
Malibu Sunshine
Malibu Sunflower
Malibu Taupe
Malibu Terracotta
Malibu Toffee
Malibu Truffle
Malibu Treasure
Malibu Vintage
Malibu Wheat
Malibu Wine
McHugh Vibrance
Richloom - Melissa Denim
Melrose Black / Candy Yellow
Melrose Candy Pink / Black
Melanie Cream
Melanie Greentea
Melanie Kiwi
Melanie Sunshine
Melbourne Brick
Melbourne Burl
Melbourne Dusty
Melbourne Ocean Mist
Melbourne Toffee
Metro Bink
Metro Latte
Metro Lilly
Metro Meadow
Metro Pink
Metro Spa
Mimosa Shell
Mini Cord 572
Mini Cord 59
Mini Cord 71
Mini Cord 7200
Mini Cord 7317
Mini Cord 86
Mini Cord 9129
Microsuede Jade
Minucci Bay Leaf
Minucci Biscuit
Minucci Chocolate
Minucci Cinnamon
Minsk Tulip
Milan Rust / Black
Milan Tan / Teal
Mikado Kelso / Maggie
Mini Disco Primary
Molise Aubergine
Molise Brick
Molise Celadon
Molise Chocolate
Molise Chives
Molise Clay
Monkey Jungle - Kiwi
Molise Marble
Molise Navy
Molise Oyster
Molise Sage
Molise Tan
Molise White
Molise Wine
Monaco Bamboo
Monaco Chocolate
Molise Red
Molise Stone
Monterey Key Tassel - Blossom
Monterey Key Tassel - Brick
Monterey Key Tassel - Celadon
Monterey Key Tassel - Cinnamon
Monterey Key Tassel - Ivory
Monterey Key Tassel - Oakwood
Monterey Key Tassel - Sky
Monterey Key Tassel - Toffee
Monterey Key Tassel - Wine
Monkey Biz Antique
Monkey Biz Green
Mya Ebony
Remnant-Napoli Pewter
Neptune Brick
Newton Black / White
Newport Spice
Neally Emerald
Nice OliveTree
Nice Seabreeze
Nice Suede
North Hampton Lemon
Deck Stripe Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Deck Stripe Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Deck Stripe Pink / Brown - Indoor/Outdoor
Deck Stripe Robins Egg - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Black / Tan - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Pink / Brown - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Red - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Robins Egg - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Black / Tan - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Pink / Brown - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Red - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Robins Egg - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Sundeck Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Sundeck Cherry - Indoor/Outdoor
Olympia Carnival
Olympia English Ivy
Olympia Hingham Green
Olympia Huckleberry
Olympia Merlot
Olympia Putty
Olympia Rose
Olympia Sierra
*REMNANT - Orchird-B Sand
Orchids Lime
Oxygen Black / White
Oxygen French Blue / Kelso Brown
Oxygen Lipstick / White
Oxygen Maggie / Kelso
Ozborne Chocolate / Linen
Panama Fringe 36
Panama Fringe 4632
Panama Fringe 572
Panama Fringe 59
Panama Fringe 5912
Panama Fringe 7200
Panama Fringe 7317
Panama Fringe 779
Panama Fringe 86
Paradise Coffee
REMNANT Paradise Mustard
Paradise Ocean
Paradise Sand
Paradise Sunset Denton
Palermo - Color 230
Palazzo Dijion
REMNANT Palazzo Moss
REMNANT Palazzo Mushroom
REMNANT Palazzo Pistachio
Paris 30
Paris 4632
Paris 572
Paris 59
Paris 5912
Paris 7087
Paris 7200
Paris 779
Paris 86
Paris 9
Paris 940
REMNANT Palmeras Natural
Remnant-Palmeras Onyx
Paris Toast
Patriot Chestnut
Patriot Cherry
Patriot Ebony
Patriot Kiwi
Patriot Sage
Patriot Walnut
Paisley Black / White
Paisley Chocolate / Natural
Perry Bullion Fringe - Ivory
Perry Bullion Fringe - Opal
Perry Bullion Fringe - Scarlet
**REMNANT** Perry Cord - Brass
Perry Cord - Opal
Perry Cord - Scarlet
Penelope Taupe
Peony Beige
Pienza Sky
Pixie Red
Pineapple Scarlet
Pirates Black / Gold
Pinto Moss
Perry Loop Fringe - Opal
Perry Loop Fringe - Scarlet
Playtime Yellow / Orange
Polka Butter
Polka Cream
Polka Merlot
Polka Pataschio
Portland Varsity
Potluck Festival
Pom Pom Barley
Pom Pom Bisque
Pom Pom Black / White
Pom Pom Carousel
Pom Pom Grape
Pom Pom Kiwi
Pom Pom Pink / Brown
Pom Pom Rosebud
Pom Pom Sunflower
Pom Pom Teal
Pom Pom Treasure
Pom Pom Truffle
Polo Suede Red
Polka Dot Black / White
Polka Dot Candy Pink / Chartreuse
Polka Dot Candy Pink / White
Polka Dot Kelso Brown / French Blue
Polka Dot Lady / White
Polka Dot Lipstick / White
Poppy - Mocha / Robin
Beaded Fringe Prairie - Beach
Providence Mocha
Beaded Fringe Prairie - Sunflower
Beaded Fringe Prairie - Teal
Perry String Fringe - Scarlet
Perry Tassel Fringe - Brownstone
Perry Tassel Fringe - Ivory
Perry Tassel Fringe - Scarlet
Richloom - Puget Amber
Python Callie / White
Ragtime Jewel
Razah Camel
Razah Cameo
Razah Lipstick
Rat Tie Back 9129
Rat Tie Back 30
Rat Tie Back 3194
Rat Tie Back 4632
Rat Tie Back 572
Rat Tie Back 5912
Rat Tie Back 686
Rat Tie Back 7083
Rat Tie Back 7094
Rat Tie Back 7200
Rat Tie Back 806
Rat Tie Back 8072
Rat Tie Back 86
Rat Tie Back 916
Rat Tie Back 9401
Rat Tie Back 941
Rat Tie Back 980
Ribbon Cord - Gold
Ribbon Cord - Ivory
Ribbon Cord - Scarlet
Ribbon Cord - Taupe
Rebecca Spring
Regal Brick
Regal Cinnamon
Regal Latte
Regal Mocha
Regal Ruby
Regal Taupe
Regal Wheat
Readington Meadow
Rhodes Col.01
Rhodes Col.02
Rhodes Col.04
Rhodes Col.05
Rhodes Col.06
Rhodes Col.07
Rhodes Col.08
Rhodes Col.09
Rhodes Col.10
Rhodes Col.11
Rhodes Col.12
Rhodes Col.13
Rhodes Col.21
Riga Champagne 10
Riga Antique Gold 15
Riga Paprika 25
Riga Tarnish 26
Riga Henna 27
Riga Bisque 5
Riga Honey 6
Riga Plain #11 Butterscotch
Riga Plain #12 Pebble
Riga Plain #3 Ivory
Riga Plain #6 Honey
Riga Plain #T01-19 Sable
Rimini 210
Romance Antique
Romance Barnacle
Romance Brick
Roulette Melon
Romance Oakwood
Romance Olive Tree
Romance Parrot
Romance Revere
Roseville Tangerine
Romance Vintage
Rosanita Check Antique
Rose - Color #940
Roundabout Custard
Roundabout Pastel
REMNANT Roundabout Tomango
Rowdy Dusty
Rowdy Tequila
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Brick
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Moss
Rumsfield Sage
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Bluestone
Samantha Brick
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Cashew
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Celeste
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Harvest
Samsara Hickory
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Jewel
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Mardi Gras
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Tarragon
54" Silk Dupioni 6" Plaid - Sasha Vixen
Sandstorm Crushed - Grey / Brown
Sandstorm Crushed - Tan / Teal
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Autumn
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Bluestone
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Bordeaux
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Cashew
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Celeste
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Chardonnay
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Desert
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Espresso
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Festival
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Harvest
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Java
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Jasmine
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Jewel
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Lava
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Mardi Gras
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Tarragon
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Toffee
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Vixen
54" Silk Dupioni 3" Plaid - Savannah Wine
Sansilk Beige
Sansilk Black
Sansilk101 Bronze
Sansilk Cafe
Sansilk Celedon
Sansilk Cream
Sansilk Moss
Sansilk Pearl
Sansilk101 Rouge
Sansilk Rust
Sansilk Wine
Sandoval Hickory
Sandstorm - Fuchsia / Black
Sandstorm - Turquoise / Burgundy
Sandstorm - Wine / Navy
Saxton Tassel - Aubergine
54" Silk Dupioni 5.5" Plaid - Saxton Autumn
Saxton Tassel - Chocolate
Saxton Tassel - Chives
Saxton Tassel - Clay
Hanes Classic Sateen Drapery Lining - White
Sands Natural
Saxton Tassel - Navy
54" Silk Dupioni 5.5" Plaid - Saxton Pizzazz
Saxton Tassel - Rust
Saxton Tassel - Stone
Savvy Trim - Chili
Savvy Trim - Merlot
Sanchez Cinnabar
Scratch'd Honey
Scratch'd Red
Schooner Nautical
Ribbon Tieback - Carnival
Ribbon Tieback - Flamingo
Ribbon Tieback - Bubblegum
Ribbon Tieback - Cotton Candy
Ribbon Tieback - Fiesta
Ribbon Tieback - Harvest
*Swatch Chart - Vasta Stripe Dupioni Silk
Scotty - Green Multi
Seta Orchid
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Autumn
Seville Decadent Chocolate / Linen
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Desert
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Java
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Jewel
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Mardi Gras
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Mirage
54" Silk Dupioni 1" Plaid - Seville Oasis
Serengeti Khaki
Seal Aubergine
Seal Basil
Seal Burgundy
Seal Merlot
Seal Navy
Seal Red
Seasons Blaze
Seasons Cinnamon
Seasons Mocha
Serendipity Maggie
Shiba Sweet Potato / Natural
REMNANT Shimmer Stripe Bronze
Shells Pacific / Natural
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Bluestone
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Espresso
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Harvest
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Jasmine
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Jewel
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Toffee
54" Silk Dupioni 9" Plaid - Simba Vixen
Silkette Bronze
Sizzle Noir
Silk Glo Grape
Silk Glo Peacock Green
Sketchbook Peony Aqua
Richloom - Skipper Coral
Richloom - Skipper Raisin
Seal Hunter
Pearl & Cap Chair Tie-Cranberry Multi
Pearl & Cap Chair Tie- Cinnamon
Pearl & Cap Chair Tie-Ivory Multi
Small Houndstooth Black / White
Small Houndstooth Kelso / Maggie
Small Pintuck Raspberry
Small Paisley Black / White
Small Paisley Black / Linen
Small Paisley Candy Pink / White
Sorina Ivory
Solitude Cinnamon
Soho Bink
Soho Latte
Soho Meadow
Soho Pink
Soho Spa
Spiroplaid Chocolate / Spa
Spiroplaid Chocolate / Chartreuse
Spiroplaid White / Mayday
Hanes Thermafoam 1 Pass Drapery Lining - White
Spottie Black
Spiral Maggie / Kelso
Spiral Paris
Spiral Tendril Green / Black
Sports Pro Indigo
Sports Pro Natural
Sparrow Orchard
Square Dance Black
Square Dance Spa
Square Dance Taffy
Striped Brocade Mint - slightly imperfect
Striped Brocade Blue
Striped Brocade Blaze
Striped Brocade Salmon
Striped Brocade Sienna
Suffolk Ebony
Sunflower Cocoa
Sunvalley Almond
Sunvalley Antique / Nugget
Sunvalley Aqua
Sunvalley Barnacle
Sunvalley Blush
Sunvalley Black
Sunvalley Bluebell
Sunvalley Brick
Sunvalley Brass
Sunvalley Cayenne
Sunvalley Carousel
Sunvalley Celery #2
Sunvalley Chocolate Solid
Sunvalley Chili
Sunvalley Champagne
Sunvalley Chocolate
Sunvalley Cherry
Sunvalley Cinnamon
Sunvalley Coffee
Sunvalley Coin
Sunvalley Eggplant
Sunvalley Espresso
Sunvalley Gold
Sunvalley Holly
Sunvalley Kiwi
Sunvalley Leaf
Sunvalley Mocha
Sunvalley Oakwood
Sunvalley Old Wine
Sunvalley Orchid
Sunvalley Parrot
Sunvalley Petal
Sunvalley Pearl
Sunvalley Plum
Sunvalley Porcelain
Sunvalley Revere
Sunvalley Salmon
Sunvalley Sailor
Sunvalley Seabreeze
Sunvalley Seagull
Sunvalley Shoreline
Sunvalley Snow
Sunvalley Spring
Sunvalley Sunshine
Sunvalley Sunflower
Sunvalley Terracotta
Sunvalley Toffee
Sunvalley Treasure
Sunvalley Vintage
Sunvalley Wheat
Sunvalley Wine
Southworth Cinnabar
Swinger Gilt
Tasmand Sorbet
Taffy Ivory Mix
Tuney Mauve Mix
Taith Camel
Taith Coral
Taith Ivory Mix
Taith Olive
Taith Sage
Tahiti Antique Gold
Tahiti Chocolate
Tahiti Copper
Tahiti Merlot
Taso 1-30
Taso 1-33
Taso 1-572
Taso 1-59
Taso 1-5912
Taso 1-686
Taso 1-7083
Taso 1-7087
Taso 1-7094
Taso 1-7200
Taso 1-7317
Taso 1-779
Taso 1-86
Taso 1-9401
Taso 1-941
Taso 1-99
Taso Double 686
Taso Double 09-1
Taso Double 09-718
Taso Double 101
Taso Double 108-804
Taso Double 2135
Taso Double 565
Taso Double 572
Taso Double 7087
Taso Double 804
Taso Double 86
Taso Double 9401
Taso Mini 09-1
Taso Mini 09-718
Taso Mini 108-804
Taso Mini 565
Taso Mini 572
Taso Mini 686
Taso Mini 7087
Taso Mini 718-2125
Taso Mini 7317
Taso Mini 802
Taso Mini 804
Taso Mini 86
Taso Mini 9401
Tatiana Multi Mix
Tapestry - Herbal / Terracotta
Teardrop #2
Teardrop #4
Teardrop #7
Teardrop #8
Teasley Blue Mix
Teasley Cinnamon Mix
Teasley Celery Mix
Teasley Gold Mix
Teasley Garden Mix
REMNANT Teasley Multi Mix
Teasley Pearl Mix
Teasley Straw Mix
Terrace Black / Pink
REMNANT Terrace Dubarry / Natural
Terrace Wan Chocolate / Natural
Terrace Wild
5" Tassel Fringe - Green / Gold
5" Tassel Fringe - Multi
9" Tassel Fringe - Green / Gold
9" Tassel Fringe - Multi
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Carnival
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Flamingo
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Bubblegum
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Fiesta
Ribbon Tassel Fringe - Harvest
Ribbon String Fringe - Carnival
Ribbon String Fringe - Flamingo
Ribbon String Fringe - Bubblegum
Ribbon String Fringe - Cotton Candy
Ribbon String Fringe - Fiesta
Ribbon String Fringe - Harvest
Onion Tassel Fringe - Fiesta
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Gold Mix
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Green / Gold
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Green Mix
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Tan / Putty
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Rust / Gold
Venetian Tassel Fringe - Rust Mix
The King and I
Remnant-Theory Antique White
Theory Cocoa
Tivola Natural
Tigre Cappuccino
Tigre Earthen
Time Gold
Time Olive
Tigre Sand
Time Sage
Tigre Gold
Timron Tie Back-Maize
Timron Tie Back- Mauve Mix
Timron Tie Back- Rose
REMNANT Tiziano Cream
Tiziano Fawn
Tiziano Salmon
Tiziano Wheat
Tiralla Black Mix
Tiralla Celery Mix
Tiralla Gold Mix
Tiralla Multi Mix
Tiralla Mauve Mix
Toliver 7" - Blue Mix
Toliver 7" - Black Mix
Toliver 7" - Bronze Mix
Toliver 7" - Green Mix
Toliver 7" - Ivory Mix
Toliver 7" - Multi Mix
Toliver 7" - Mauve Mix
Tootsie Green
Tolentino Celery Mix
Tory Dot Coin
Tolley Multi Mix
Tropic Sunset
Triolo - Mauve Mix
Travel Log
Tropical Scarlet
Triple Crown Straw
Treviso 230
Trump Maize
Traditions Black / White
Traditions Black / Linen
Remnant-Traditions Chocolate / Irish
Traditions Chocolate / Natural
Traditions Chocolate / Linen
Traditions Cloud / Linen
Traditions Kelso / English
Trellis Maggie / Kelso
Triest Aubergine
Tunisia Black / White
Tunisia Chartreuse / White
Tunisia Kelso / Maggie
Tunisia Lipstick / Linen
Tula Tie Back- Plum Mix
Tuney Green Mix
Tuney Ivory Mix
Two Tone Shimmer - Baby Blue
Two Tone Shimmer - Black
Two Tone Shimmer - Pink
Unzipped Tan
Utopia - Tassel Fringe Black Mix
Utopia - Tassel Fringe Gold
Utopia - Tassel Fringe Natural
Utopia - Tassel Fringe Rust
118" Drapery Sheer Voile - White
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Antique Bronze
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Brick
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Gold
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Moss
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Red
54" Silk Dupioni Stripe - Vasta Taupe
Varsity Frog - Ocean
Varsity Frogs Red
Varsity Frogs Yellow
Veranda Autumn / Natural
Veranda Chocolate / Linen
Veranda English / Kelso
Veranda Holiday Red / Natural
Veneto Putty
Vera 30
Vera 33
Vera 4632
Vera 572
Vera 59
Vera 5912-2
Vera 686
Vera 7087
Vera 71
Vera 779
Vera 9129
Venus Black
Venus Brick
Vegas Cream
Vegas Maple
Vegas Sage
Vegas Treasure
Vinci Linen
Vinyl Nautical Blue
Vittorio Coral
Viewmont Platinum
Sheer Voile Amber
Sheer Voile Aqua
Sheer Voile Brick
60" Voile - Cathedral
Sheer Voile Taupe
60" Voile - Lyndore / Plum
Sheer Voile White
Wealth - Tin
Wavehill Mushroom
Wavehill Spice
Wavehill Taffy
Walden Lemon
Waverly - Island Song
Wealth - Bark
Wealth - Burgundy
Wealth Cognac
Wealth Lichen
Wealth - Night Horse
Wealth - Paprika
Wealth - Ruby
WhitLo Yellow and Pink
Whitehall Butter
Whimsical Cocoa
Wild Chocolate / Natural
Wiz Pintuck Black / Green
Wiz Pintuck Citrine
Wiz Pintuck Spa
Willow'Wisp Patina
Witty Latte
Wyndam Graphite
YF177 Beige
YF177 Brick
YF177 Camel
YF177 Gold
YF177 Oakwood
YF177 Rusty
YF179 Beige
YF179 Brick
YF179 Camel
YF205 Brick
YF205 Camel
YF205 Rusty
YF205 Sage
YF205 Treasure
YF250 Beige
YF250 Brick
YF250 Camel
YF250 Gold
YF250 Oakwood
YF250 Rusty
YF250 Sage
YF250 Treasure
YF253 Beige
YF253 Brick
YF253 Camel
YF253 Gold
YF253 Oakwood
YF253 Rusty
YF253 Sage
YF253 Treasure
YF263 Beige
YF263 Brick
YF263 Camel
YF263 Gold
YF263 Oakwood
YF263 Rusty
YF263 Sage
YF263 Treasure
YF268 Beige
YF268 Brick
YF268 Camel
YF268 Gold
YF268 Oakwood
YF268 Rusty
YF268 Sage
YF268 Treasure
YF269 Beige
YF269 Brick
YF269 Camel
YF269 Rusty
YF269 Treasure
YF272 Beige
YF272 Brick
YF272 Camel
YF272 Gold
YF272 Oakwood
YF272 Rusty
YF272 Sage
YF272 Treasure
YF273 Beige
YF273 Brick
YF273 Camel
YF273 Gold
YF273 Oakwood
YF273 Rusty
YF273 Sage
YF273 Treasure
YF278 Beige
YF278 Brick
YF278 Camel
YF278 Gold
YF278 Oakwood
YF278 Rusty
YF278 Sage
YF278 Treasure
YF280 Beige
YF280 Brick
YF280 Camel
YF280 Gold
YF280 Oakwood
YF280 Rusty
YF280 Sage
YF280 Treasure
YF281 Beige
YF281 Brick
YF281 Camel
YF281 Gold
YF281 Oakwood
YF281 Rusty
YF281 Sage
YF281 Treasure
YH346 Beige
YH346 Brick
YH346 Camel
YH346 Oakwood
YH346 Gold
YH346 Rusty
YH346 Sage
YH346 Treasure
York Maple
York Treasure
Zambi Lagoon
Zenda Bark
Zebra Black / White
Zebra Chocolate
Zebra Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Zebra Java / White
Zeus Copper
Zorba Aqua
Zorba Black
**REMNANT** Zorba Bluebell
Zorba Brass
Zorba Carousel / Celery
Zorba Carnation
Zorba Champagne
Zorba Chocolate
Zorba Cherry
Zorba Coffee
Zorba Coin
Zorba Eggplant
Zorba Espresso
Zorba Horizon
Zorba Holly
Zorba Jungle
Zorba Kiwi
Zorba Leaf
Zorba Mint
Zorba Mulberry
Zorba Oakwood / Revere
Zorba Petal
Zorba Plum
Zorba Porcelain
Zorba Putty
Zorba Sage
Zorba Salmon
Zorba Seagull / Almond
Zorba Shoreline
Zorba Snow
Zorba Spring
Zorba Sunshine
Zorba Terracotta
Zorba Teal
Zorba Chili
Zorba Verdin
Zorba Wheat
Zorba Barnacle
Zorba Toffee
Zulu Barnacle
Zulu Jungle
Zulu Oakwood
Zulu Old Wine
Seychelles Jungle
Topeka Chocolate/Kelso
Dandie Lipstick
I Heart U Candy Pink / Black
Trey Lipstick / Chartreuse
Eyelash Trim Cinnamon - 10 Yard Spool
Eyelash Trim White - 10 Yard Spool
Eyelash Trim Yellow / Brick Red - 10 Yard Spool
Eyelash Trim Yellow / Red - 10 Yard Spool
Little Tiger Kelso / Maggie
Little Tiger Candy Pink
Little Tiger Chartreuse / Black
Palais Royale Classic
Serendipity Multi
Lucky Burgundy
Lucky Kelly Green
Lucky Navy
Lucky Orange
Dotty Jade / Chocolate
Valencia Jade
REMNANT Sandra Lime / Black
Ultra Fur Chocolate
Lovebird Red
Lake George Multi
Audrey - Mink
Galaxy Vinyl White
Turino Brown
Como Diamond 2" Marigold
Fancy Wild
Remnant-Minton Coral
Minton Cobalt
Elton Cobalt
Elton Coral
Elton Mocha
Gigolo Coral
Pharos Coral
Atlantis Citrus
Atlantis Azure
Tropical Dark Brown
Lucky Purple
Lucky Pink
Lucky Aqua
Lucky Gold
Cavanaugh Mist
Cavanaugh Nutmeg
Giraffe Kelso / Maggie
Alana Stripe Autumn
Twister Pistachio
Lickity Split Sea Shell
Adriana Apple
Velvet Leaf Blonde
Velvet Leaf Ruby
Madison Claret
Little Rock Banana
Fanfare Buff
Janine Ebony
*Fabrics by the Pound*
Traditions Sweet Potato / Natural
Como Diamond Marigold
Remnant Como Diamond Cocoa
Beach Umbrella Sand
Beach Umbrella Tropical Punch
Piazza Khaki
Seville Elm
Piccadilly Blue
Etienne Rust
Crepe Print - Fun on the Beach
Crepe Print - Anchors Aweigh!
Redondo Cocoa
Stardust Russet / Gold
Stardust Onyx / Gold
Stardust Leaf / Gold
Stardust Lime / Pink
Innocent Croissant
Innocent Gold
Innocent Mulberry
Innocent Eggshell
Topeka Wheat
Norway Boardwalk / Natural
Avery Black / Linen
Avery Chocolate / Linen
Avery Linen / Chocolate
Avery Linen / Black
Avery Black / White
Cammo Forest Natural
Giraffe Baby Pink / White
Giraffe Reese / White
Little Tiger Black / Natural
Little Tiger Chocolate / Linen
Spirodots Maggie / Kelso
Galaxy Chocolate - Indoor / Outdoor
Galaxy Robins Egg
Wavehill Chocolate
Flower Show Black / Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Black / Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Navy / Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Show Tan / White - Indoor/Outdoor
Deck Stripe Black / Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Tan / White - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Black / Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Polka Dot Black / Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Ultra Stripe Green
Tonga Gold
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #548 Dusty Mauve
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #927 Aqua
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #530 Rose Petal
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #738 Teal
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #529 Fuchsia
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #236 Old Gold
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #229 Dark Gold
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #829D/Sage
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #527 Pink
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #732 Hunter Green
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #127 Pearl
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #128 Eggshell
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #430 Peach
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #926 Baby Blue
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #432 Coral
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #431 Orange
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #833 Olive
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #337 Rust
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #1032 Purple
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #627 Merlot
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #333 Chocolate
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #05 Perry
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #126 White
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #130 Champagne
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #226 Light Gold
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #135Taupe
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #726 Lime Green
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #330 Cafe/Cappuccino
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #828 L/Sage
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #928 Cornflower
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #1029 Dark Lilac
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #626 Red
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #933 Royal Blue
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #628 Burgundy
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #1034 Dark Eggplant
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #943 Navy
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #934 Dark Navy
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #1127 Black
Crepe Back Satin Fabric - #1126 Silver
Florenza Off White
Poly Dupioni Silk - #138 Red
Florenza Brown
Florenza Onyx
Caruso Pebble Cameo
Orchird-B Hazelnut
*Serger Thread White/101 - 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Aqua/ # 300-3000 yd. .
Serger Thread Baby Blue - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Black/660 - 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Brass - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Brick - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Bright Gold - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Burgundy - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Buttercream - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Chestnut - 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Churchhill Green - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Cinnamon - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Crimson - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Dusty Rose - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Emerald - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Fuchsia/206- 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Green Mist - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Harvest Gold - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Ivory - 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Lavender - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Mint - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Moss - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Navy/659 - 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Nickel - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Oakwood - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Olive - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Orange - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Paprika - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Peach - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Pebble - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Pink/ # 166- 5000 Yards
Serger Thread Pumpkin - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Purple - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Red - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Rouge - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Royal - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Rum - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Sage - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Smoke - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Turquoise - 303-3000 Yards
Serger Thread Williamsburg - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Wine - 3000 Yards
Serger Thread Yellow - 3000 Yards
Gingham Fabric Pink - 1"
Gingham Fabric Pink - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Yellow - 1"
Gingham Fabric Yellow - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Yellow - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Yellow - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Blue - 1"
Gingham Fabric Blue - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Blue - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Blue - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Red - 1"
Gingham Fabric Red - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Red - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Red - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Navy - 1"
Gingham Fabric Navy - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Navy - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Navy - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Black - 1"
Gingham Fabric Black - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Black - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Black - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Hunter - 1"
Gingham Fabric Hunter - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Hunter - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Berry - 1"
Gingham Fabric Berry - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Berry - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Berry- 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Orange - 1"
Gingham Fabric Orange - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Orange - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Orange - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Brown - 1"
Gingham Fabric Brown - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Brown - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Brown - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Lilac - 1"
Gingham Fabric Lilac - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Lilac - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Lilac - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Mint - 1"
Gingham Fabric Mint - 1/16"
Gingham Fabric Mint - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Mint - 1/4"
Gingham Fabric Pink - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Pink - 1/4"
Hanes Linit Basic Drapery Lining - Ivory
Hanes Thermafoam 1 Pass Drapery Lining - Ivory
Hanes Eclipse Black Out 3 Pass Drapery Lining - Ivory
Hanes Classic Sateen Drapery Lining - Ivory
Hanes 5 oz. Interlining - Natural
Pro-Tuf Red
Pro-Tuf Orange
Pro-Tuf Brown
Pro-Tuf Khaki
Pro-Tuf Olive
Pro-Tuf Silver
Pro-Tuf Lavender
Pro-Tuf Mint Green
Medallion Burnt Orange
Falling Leaf Ivory
Falling Leaf Glow
Falling Leaf Chamois
Falling Leaf Almond
Falling Leaf Hunter
Falling Leaf Burnt Orange
Scroll Glow
Scroll Burnt Orange
Waves Glow
Waves Chamois
Waves Hunter
118" Drapery Sheer Voile - Ivory
108" Crushed Sheer Voile - Ivory
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Black
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Red
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Brown
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Orange
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Crimson
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Hunter
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Dusty Blue
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Dusty Rose
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Navy
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Gray
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Lime
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Natural
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Lavender
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Old Gold
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - White
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Taupe
110" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - White
108" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Natural
Checkmate Tera Rosa
Christian Goldenrod
Christian Gold
Christian Pale Green
Christian Rose
Moline Mocha
Tye Dyed Fabric - Summer
Peace Green Dance / Linen
Peace Chocolate / Linen
Peace Yellow Dance / Linen
Peace Candy Pink / White
Peace Chartreuse / White
Peace Maggie / Kelso
Peace Yellow Dance / Chocolate
Ozborne Black / White
Ozborne Candy Pink
Crepe Print - Under the Sea Red
Hermosa Holly
Hermosa Mocha
Lip Cord #1 - Candy
Lomonaco Cypress
Minky Cuddle Dimple - White
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Ivory
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Yellow
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Lavender
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Baby Blue
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Baby Pink
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Hot Pink
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Fuchsia
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Dark Turquoise
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Lime
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Orange
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Red
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Camel
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Chocolate
Bosporus 128
Bosporus 137
Bosporus 197
Lancaster Antique Willow
Manor Tieback Almond
Manor Tieback Truffle
Manor Tieback Cinnamon
Manor Tieback Sunshine
Cotton Piping 1/8"
Luigi 8" Bullion Fringe - Aqua / Chocolate
Galaxy Vinyl Red
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Black
Bridal Satin - White
Bridal Satin - Ivory
Bridal Satin - Red
Bridal Satin - Black
REMNANT Abigail Caramel
Avani Red
Carrie Bubblegum
10 oz. Duck Antique White - slightly imperfect
7 oz. Duck Antique White - slightly imperfect
Myriad Cotton Candy
Myriad Earth
Myriad Mango
Jordan Pomegranate
REMNANT Malacca Maple
Yukon Slate Blue
Tressa Brass
Synergy Lemocello
118" Wide Sheer Fabric - Twist Raw Silk
Florenza Amber
Fancy Baby Blue
Circles Chartreuse / Maggie
Classic Black / White
Diamond Chocolate / Natural
90" Sheeting Fabric by the Yard - Lt. Yellow
Paradise Garden Chocolate
Geo Electric Pink
Large Houndstooth Black / White
Paradise Garden Dark Gold
Kimono Chartreuse / White
Macaw Chocolate
Sorrento Blush
Carolina Stripe Brass
Maitai Garden
Maitai Spice
Harmony Diamond Amber
Passport Ember
Passport Maple
Rickrack Fiesta
Rhett Chocolate - Slightly Imperfect
Thatcher Honey
Dominique Ebony
Triumph Cognac
Moto Azure
REMNANT - Maya Mocha
Odessa Camel
Rosehill Park Sweet Pea
Spencer Fudge
Ace Garden
Swampfox Vanilla
Shady Tree Vanilla
New Yorker Sunny
Carlos Bittersweet
Courtship Tulip
Montague Rose
Taconic Spice
Gertie Aspen
Morissette Ruby
Morissette Cafe
Tanicia Paramount Bouquet
Touchdown Black
Dottie Cognac
Marinda Terrace Noir - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Power Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Tradition Smoke
Rothko Mink
Rothko Cognac
Marquis Natural
Flower Power Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Flower Power Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Delray Scarlet
Tradition Onyx
Hopper Chocolate
Hopper Cream
Hopper Linen
Hopper Walnut
Circulate Coffee
Remnant-Circulate Midnight
Bridal Satin - Light Blue
Bridal Satin - Old Gold
Bridal Satin - Turquoise
Bridal Satin - Fuchsia
Bridal Satin - Brown
Bridal Satin - Silver
Bridal Satin - Purple
Bridal Satin - Lime
Bridal Satin - Pink
Bridal Satin - Wine
Bridal Satin - Navy
Bridal Satin - Hot Pink
Bridal Satin - Orchid
Bridal Satin - Orange
Bridal Satin - Yellow
Bridal Satin - Royal
Bridal Satin - Khaki
Tunisia Navy / Orange
Tea House Black
Tea House Ruby
Madison Reverse White / Black
Madison Reverse White / Candy Pink
Madison Reverse White / Lipstick
Metro Linen Chocolate
Metro Linen Gold
Metro Linen Latte
Metro Linen Mocha
Metro Linen Natural
Metro Linen Sand
Metro Linen Taupe
Metro Linen Vanilla
Wisdom Burlap Base
Suzani Black / White
Suzani Candy Pink
Suzani Chartreuse / Lipstick
Suzani Chocolate / Natural
Suzani Lipstick / White
Suzani Village / Natural
Wildflowers Black / White
Ele Black / White
Ele Brown / White
Ele Candy Pink / White
Ele Chartreuse / White
Ele Kelso / Maggie
Ele Maggie / Kelso
Ele Lipstick / White
Ele White / Candy Pink
Ele White / Chartreuse
Hooty Village / Natural
Montague Burgundy
Galaxy Vinyl Pink
Galaxy Vinyl Camel
Galaxy Vinyl Lime
Galaxy Vinyl Orange
Galaxy Vinyl Seafoam
Cowboy Wild
Cowgirl Candy Pink / Candy Purple
Natalie Stripe Aqua
Natalie Stripe Onyx
Natalie Stripe Sage
Natalie Stripe Raspberry
Seville Beige
Juno Spice
Cranage Alabaster
Zona Green Apple
Claremont Gold
Tahiti Chartreuse
Rope Chartreuse
Lei Coffee Bean
Oval Licorice
Oval Plateado
Oval Coffee Bean
City Square Alabaster
Barcelona Licorice
Athenee Chartreuse
York Natural
Diego Willow
Apollo Beige
Oxford Cocoa
Barksdale Cocoa
Sheffield Coral
Pagoda Wheat
Linear Pewter
Napoli Chocolate
Napoli Cocoa
Napoli Rust
Napoli Red
Tranquil Pewter
Provence Check Noir
Putty Bronze
Monsoon Plaid Ceylon
Garden Grandeur Sienna
Suva Duck Lemon Lime
Tunisia Candy Pink
120" Lucky White
120" Lucky Off-White
115"-120" Lucky Black
Myndos Spring
Myndos Capri
Faux Leather Ostrich Lime
Faux Leather Ostrich Leather
Faux Leather Ostrich Chocolate
Kathamandu Night
Kaleidoscope Treasure
Kaleidoscope Pink Berry
Bohemian Chocolate
Beatrice Black
Swiggles Candy
Swiggles Purple
Waterfall Purple
Waterfall Candy
Darjeeling Night
Expanded Vinyl - Soft Flex Jade
Expanded Vinyl - Soft Flex Sienna Brown
Expanded Vinyl - Soft Flex Houndstooth Grey
Embossed Western Vinyl Wine
Metro Linen Grey
Metro Linen Apple Green
Metro Linen Orange
Metro Linen Fuchsia
Metro Linen Eggplant
Metro Linen Turquoise
Metro Linen Ink
Metro Linen Brown Graphite
Colored Burlap Red
Colored Burlap Sage
Colored Burlap Brown
Colored Burlap Off White
Colored Burlap Natural
Colored Burlap Hunter Green
Colored Burlap Navy Blue
Colored Burlap Oyster
Colored Burlap Black
Colored Burlap Idaho Potato
Colored Burlap Avocado
Colored Burlap Light Blue
Windsor Plaid Merlot 110" Wide
Windsor Plaid Mocha 110" Wide
Windsor Stripe Mocha 110" Wide
Windsor Stripe Merlot 110" Wide
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Bright Lime
Loopy Lou Watermelon (slightly flawed)
Esprit Charcoal
Fairfax Coffee - Indoor/Outdoor
Kukula Noir
Fanfare Mink
Venetia Copper
Margarite Parrot
Lulu Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Dandelion White / Black
Twirly American Red - Indoor/Outdoor
Twirly Blue Moon - Indoor/Outdoor
Vertical Blue Moon - Indoor/Outdoor
REMNANT Ozborne Blue Moon - Indoor/Outdoor
116" Drapery Sheer Voile Black
Rizza Raspberry
Essex Forest
Essex Cocoa
Legacy Black
Legacy Mink
Prelude Diamond Plum
Gwenyth Vintage
Indian Multi
Key West Sunglow
Mani Mauve
Carousel Dusk
Halifax Expresso
Wade Blackberry
Paulo Shell
Faux Ostrich Leather New Phoenix Ochre
Expanded Vinyl - Pit Olive
Remnant-Flannel Back Vinyl - Wave Straw
Spiral Black / White
Paradise Garden Black
Paradise Garden Cocoa
Chelsea Washed Jacquard Natural
Diamond Washed Jacquard Natural
Crawford Washed Jacquard Natural
Vecta Washed Jacquard Natural
Linette Hemp
Linette Natural
Linette Linen
Linette Wheat
Linette Teak
Linette Coffee Bean
Linette Ebony
Homely Stripe Wheat 118" Wide
Roc-Lon Sonata Sateen White
Roc-Lon Sonata Sateen Ivory
Ozborne Lipstick / White
Traditions Lipstick / White
Oxygen Candy Pink / White
Stretch Baby Pink / White
Stretch Black / White
Stretch Candy Pink / White
Stretch Chartreuse / White
Stretch True Turquoise / White
Stretch White / Candy Pink
Suzani Maggie / Candy Pink
Richmond Maggie / Candy Pink
Windsor Stripe Truffle 110" Wide
Homely Wheat 118" Wide
Primitive Wheat 108" Wide
Wheat Field Hemp
Wheat Field Coffee Bean
Wheat Field Ebony
Wheat Field Teak
Wheat Field Natural
Wheat Field Wheat
Wheat Field Linen
Natural Swirl Linen
Natural Swirl Coffee Bean
Natural Swirl Natural
Natural Swirl Ebony
Natural Swirl Wheat
Natural Swirl Hemp
Natural Swirl Teak
Juno Ebony
Lancaster Watermelon
Small Houndstooth Cactus
Evelyn Pink
Evelyn Black
Ellis Pink
Ellis Brown
Arboretum Gold
Arboretum Persimmon
Nova Apple
Nova Leaf
Nova Fawn
Camry Sunset
Bogart Berry
Adelaide Copper
Adelaide Red
60" Premium Broadcloth - Burgundy
60" Premium Broadcloth - Red
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Light Turquoise
Natalie Nutmeg
Calypso Linen Blush
Calypso Linen Expresso
Calypso Linen Clover
Calypso Linen Mocha
Calypso Linen Spice
Calypso Linen Sangria
Calypso Linen Biscuit
Bethany Coral
Houndstooth Green / Blue
Honeycomb Merlot
Hanging Around
Seabury Beige
Seabury Bronze
Seabury Brick
Seabury Wine
Seabury Antique
Seabury Gold
Seabury Russet
Trefoil Cappuccino
Trefoil Merlot
Trefoil Delft
Trefoil Antique
Trefoil Cocoa
Trefoil Gem
Trefoil Storm
Candytuft Delft
Candytuft Cappuccino
Candytuft Pearl
Candytuft Gem
Aster Gem
Candytuft Antique
Candytuft Storm
Candytuft Cocoa
Hollyhock Storm
Primrose Cappuccino
Primrose Antique
Primrose Storm
Primrose Cocoa
Primrose Delft
Primrose Pearl
Primrose Gem
Aster Cocoa
Aster Pearl
Aster Delft
Aster Antique
Aster Storm
Aster Cappuccino
Candytuft Merlot
Aster Merlot
Primrose Merlot
Seabury Crimson
Seabury Ivory
Poe Chamois
Hollyhock Cocoa
Hollyhock Gem
Hollyhock Cappuccino
Hollyhock Antique
Hollyhock Delft
Hollyhock Merlot
Mars Copper
Mars Multi
Mars Sand
Mars Azure
Tango 15 Midnight
Tango 773 Sage
Tango 7410 Olive
Tango 103 Maroon
Remnant Chipper Cloud / Denton
602SC-E 1/4" Lip Cord Olive
602SC-F 1/4" Lip Cord Merlot
602SC-B 1/4" Lip Cord Toffee
602SC-I 1/4" Lip Cord Eden
603BC-H 3/8" Lip Cord Bristol
603BC-F 3/8" Lip Cord Merlot
603BC-G 3/8" Lip Cord Citrus
603BC-D 3/8" Lip Cord Cinnamon
603BC-E 3/8" Lip Cord Olive
604BF-A Brushed Fringe Ivory/Taupe
604BF-E Brushed Fringe Olive
604BF-D Brushed Fringe Cinnamon
604BF-C Brushed Fringe Verdin
604BF-F Brushed Fringe Merlot
604BF-B Brushed Fringe Toffee
BFG- Upholstery Thread Gray
606ZF-I Beaded Fringe Eden
606ZF-H Beaded Fringe Bristol
606ZF-B Beaded Fringe Toffee
606ZF-F Beaded Fringe Merlot
606ZF-C Beaded Fringe Verdin
606ZF-G Beaded Fringe Citrus
606ZF-D Beaded Fringe Cinnamon
606ZF-E Beaded Fringe Olive
606ZF-A Beaded Fringe Ivory
605TF-A Tassel Fringe Ivory
605TF-E Tassel Fringe Olive
605TF-D Tassel Fringe Cinnamon
605TF-G Tassel Fringe Citrus
605TF-C Tassel Fringe Verdin
605TF-F Tassel Fringe Merlot
605TF-B Tassel Fringe Toffee
605TF-H Tassel Fringe Bristol
605TF-I Tassel Fringe Eden
H29-G Tassel Fringe Toffee
H29-H Tassel Fringe Merlot
H29-A Tassel Fringe Copper
H29-C Tassel Fringe Tomango
H29-F Tassel Fringe Rust
H29-E Tassel Fringe Bluebell
H29-B Tassel Fringe Gold
H29-D Tassel Fringe Bronze
H32-A Bead & Tassel Fringe Ivory
H32-B Bead & Tassel Fringe Apricot
H32-C Bead & Tassel Fringe Passion
H32-D Bead & Tassel Fringe Russet
H32-E Bead & Tassel Fringe Majesty
H32-F Bead & Tassel Fringe Brass
Sedona Flagstone
Beldon Mink
Portofino Rouge 103" Wide
Acetate Taffeta Lining Sky
Dress Up Dungarees - Vintage
Luster Gold
Cacharel Lacquer
Rittenhouse Fire
Deluxe Silk Spa
Fabulous Kona
San Lucas Azure
San Lucas Margarita
Tiffany Butter
Tiffany Delicious
Tiffany Izod
Tiffany Water
Tiffany Vapor
Tiffany Mineral
Tiffany Peacock
Tiffany Twilight
Tiffany Sapphire
Tiffany Onyx
Tiffany Poppy
Tiffany Scarlet
Tiffany Ruby
Tiffany Raspberry
Tiffany Wheat
Tiffany Garnet
Tiffany Spa
Tiffany Toffee
Tiffany Cocoa
Tiffany Chocolate
Tiffany Sand
Tiffany Ivory
Tiffany Linen
Tiffany Spring
Dandy Sunshine
Concerto Burgundy
Flower Song Midnight
Heritage Garden
Orchid Cove Onyx
Vienna Black
Coronado Copper
Felina Black
Casario Russet
Glory Violet
Gimignano Scarlet
Edmond Antique
Mombasa Tiger
Clematis Juniper
Clematis Lime
Clematis Spruce
Clematis Coral
Clematis Wine
Clematis Sand
Clematis Reseda
Clematis Maple
Bravo Black / Olive
Cantonese Bamboo Jasper
Cantonese Bamboo Snowflake
Custom Panel Cutting - Up to 54" Long
Custom Panel Cutting - Up to 72" Long
Custom Panel Cutting - Up to 96" Long
Custom Panel Cutting - Up to 120" Long
Hemp Fiber Tassel Fringe - Natural
Hemp Fiber Brush Fringe - Natural
1/2" Hemp Fiber Lip Cord - Natural
3/8" Hemp Fiber Lip Cord - Natural
1/4" Hemp Fiber Lip Cord - Natural
3/16" Hemp Fiber Cord - Natural
7/8" Hemp Fiber Gimp Braid - Natural
Kylie Classic Tassel Fringe 4" - Black / White
3/8" Leona Lip Cord - Black / White
3/4" Collette Circle Gimp - Black / White
1/4" Noel Cord Trim - Metallic Gold
1/4" Noel Cord Trim - Metallic Silver
1/4" Noel Cord Trim - Black / Silver
3/8" Holly Cord Trim - Black / Silver
3/8" Holly Cord Trim - Metallic Silver
3/8" Holly Cord Trim - Metallic Gold
3/8" Nicholas Lip Cord - Metallic Gold
3/8" Nicholas Lip Cord - Metallic Silver
3/8" Nicholas Lip Cord - Black / Silver
1/4" Gloria Lip Cord - Black / Silver
1/4" Gloria Lip Cord - Metallic Gold
1/4" Gloria Lip Cord - Metallic Silver
Dandelion Citrus / Denton
Dandelion White / Coral
Dandelion White / Storm Twill
Gotcha Adventurous Red / Denton
Gotcha Mystical / Denton
Gotcha Callie / White
Gotcha Chartreuse / White
Gotcha Candy Pink / White
Gotcha Coral / White
Gotcha White / Chartreuse
Gotcha White / Candy Pink
Gotcha Baby Pink / White
Gotcha Black / White
Gotcha Lipstick / Natural
Gotcha Lipstick Twill
Gotcha Bella Twill
Gotcha Blue Twill
Gotcha Candy Purple / White Twill
Gotcha Powder Blue Twill
Gotcha Corn Yellow Twill
Gotcha Storm Twill
Gotcha Summerland Gray / Natural
Gotcha Summerland Yellow / Natural
Gotcha True Turquoise
Gotcha White / Black Twill
Gotcha Wisteria
Suzani Harmony / Red Twill
Suzani Summerland / Natural
Remnant-Suzani Eaton Blue / Linen
Suzani Harmony / Green Twill
Suzani Nile / Denton
Suzani Storm Twill
Suzani Wisteria
Helen Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Helen Storm / Corn Yellow Twill
Helen Village Blue / Natural
Zig Zag Ash / Corn Yellow Slub
Zig Zag Ash / White Slub
Zig Zag Black / White
Zig Zag Blue Twill
Zig Zag Candy Pink / White
Zig Zag Chartreuse / White
Zig Zag Coral / White
Zig Zag Corn Yellow Slub
Zig Zag Girly Blue Twill
Zig Zag Lipstick / Blue
Zig Zag Lipstick / Natural
Zig Zag Lipstick / White
Zig Zag Maroon / White
Zig Zag Peacock Blue / Denton
Zig Zag Orange / Navy
Zig Zag Titan / Birch
Zig Zag Village Blue / Natural
Zig Zag Village Brown / Natural
Zig Zag Village Green / Natural
Zig Zag Village Rust / Natural
Zig Zag Village / Natural
Zoom Zoom Harmony Twill
Zoom Zoom Village / Natural
Zoom Zoom Summerland / Natural
Zoom Zoom Stone / Denton
Zoom Zoom River Rock Twill
Zoom Zoom Nile / Denton
Zoom Zoom Lipstick / Natural
Zoom Zoom Chartreuse / Candy Pink
Bailey Black / Linen
Lulu Storm / Corn Yellow Twill
Lulu Wisteria / Storm Twill
Lulu True Turquoise
Lulu Summerland / Natural
Lulu Lipstick / Chartreuse
Lulu Corn Yellow / Kelp Slub
Lulu Girly Blue / Chartreuse Twill
Lulu Candy Pink / Black
Miami Adventurous Red / Denton
Miami Black / White
Miami Candy Pink
Miami Citrus / Denton
Miami Girly Blue Twill
Mini Babies Bella / Cozy Twill
Mini Babies Mist / Putty Twill
Nora Charcoal Slub
Nora Black / Linen
Nora Black / White
Oxygen Candy Pink / Pink
Ozborne Blue Twill
Ozborne Bella Twill
Ozborne Coral / White
Ozborne Girly Blue Twill
Ozborne Storm Twill
Ozborne Village Brown / Natural
Ozborne Wisteria
Small Dandelion Coral / White
Small Dandelion Storm Twill
Small Dandelion Black / White
Small Dandelion Corn Yellow Slub
Small Dandelion True Turquoise
Sports American Blue / White
Sports Storm / Black Twill
Sports Storm Twill
Stars & Bones Candy Pink / Black
Stars & Bones True Turquoise
Hollywood Chocolate
Touch Rose
Touch Moss
Touch Ivory
Touch Gold
Touch Taupe
Touch Grey
Touch Grape
Touch Crimson
Touch Brick
Touch Chocolate
Charlie Stone
Charlie Lavender
Charlie Purple
Charlie Slate
Charlie Charcoal
Charlie Sage
Charlie Olive
Charlie Khaki
Charlie Orange
Charlie Red
Fairview Chamois
Traditions Mystical / Denton
Traditions Storm Twill
Traditions True Turquoise
Traditions Village Blue / Natural
Twirly Black / White
Twirly Mystical / Denton
Kenya Black / Candy Pink
Crossbones Lipstick / White
Crossbones Candy Pink / White
Dandie Black / White
Dandie Chocolate / Natural
Dandie Chartreuse / White
Dandie Candy Pink / White
Dandie True Turquoise
Dandelion Black / Denton
Dandelion Cloud / Denton
Dandelion Girly Blue Twill
Dandelion White / True Turquoise
Dandelion White / Candy Pink
Dandelion White / Chartreuse
Emma Harmony Twill
Emma Wisteria
Emma Summerland / Natural
Royal Linen / Black
Royal Linen / Kelp
Royal Kelso / Maggie
Ozborne Corn Yellow Slub
Polka Dots Chartreuse / White
Chipper Eaton Blue / Linen
Chipper Charcoal Slub
Chipper Corn Yellow Slub
Chipper Village Blue / Natural
Chipper Storm Twill
Chipper Candy Pink / White
Chipper Black / White
Chipper Black / Denton
Hooty Wisteria
Hooty Summerland / Natural
Hooty Bella / Cozy
Hooty Harmony Twill
Hooty Eaton Blue / Linen
Ozborne Village Blue / Natural
Minky Cuddle Dimple - Charcoal
Test Product for Size Attribute
Duramax Contract Fabric - 48 Shades/ 10yd Minimum Per Color Order
Padre Toast - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Khaki - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Fuchsia - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Spearmint - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Caribbean - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Grey - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Brown - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Maroon - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Red - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Royal - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Charcoal - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Dark Green - Indoor/Outdoor
Padre Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Dark Brown
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Red
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso White
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Maroon
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Black
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Charcoal
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Navy
Murray Burlap Red
Murray Burlap Khaki
Murray Burlap Brown
Murray Burlap Natural
Murray Burlap Off White
Saxon Verde
Saxon Crimson
Saxon Treasure
Saxon Sahara
Saxon Black
Saxon Royalty
Saxon Rustic
Nicole Amber
Nicole Chocolate
Nikki Chocolate
Nikki Amber
Dilworth Onyx
Superior Onyx
Hopewell Midnight
Electra Agate
Thatcher Red Sand
Fritz Blue
Brassfield Walnut
Della Buckskin
Della Sedona
Bonded Leather Suede Mocha
Christian White
Arpelline Multi
Summer Sorbet Sunglow
Poppy Petal Raspberry
Solid Aqua - Indoor/Outdoor
Solid Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Bouquet Stripe Midnight - Indoor/Outdoor
Deveron Midnight - Indoor/Outdoor
Dorothee Ebony - Indoor/Outdoor
Free Spirit Stripe Ebony - Indoor/Outdoor
Rodeo Drive Onyx
Mazescene Taupe - Indoor/Outdoor
New Botany Taupe - Indoor/Outdoor
Fretscene Canary - Indoor/Outdoor
Fretscene Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
New Peony Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
New Peony Canary Taupe- Indoor/Outdoor
Tilescene Spring - Indoor/Outdoor
Stripescene Spring - Indoor/Outdoor
Dotscene Spring - Indoor/Outdoor
Big Sur ST BK Multi - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Stripe Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Stripe Poppy - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Stripe Emb Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Stripe Emb Poppy - Indoor/Outdoor
Scrollscene Sky - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Lattice Driftwood - Indoor/Outdoor
Modernista Slate
Modernista Citrine
Weavescene EMB Grey - Indoor/Outdoor
Weavescene EMB Taupe - Indoor/Outdoor
Kiki Azure
Kiki Dahlia
Kiki Pinata
Carmel Weave BK White Cap - Indoor/Outdoor
Carmel Weave BK Sea Grass - Indoor/Outdoor
Carmel Weave BK Driftwood - Indoor/Outdoor
Carmel Weave BK Red Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
Carmel Weave BK Deep Ocean - Indoor/Outdoor
Carmel Weave BK Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Linen Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Linen Poppy - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Linen Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Linen Lemon - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Plaid Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Plaid Lemon - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Plaid Fiesta - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Leaves Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Leaves Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Leaves Poppy - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral Lemon - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral Fiesta - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral EMB Fiesta - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral EMB Lemon - Indoor/Outdoor
Baja Floral EMB Turquoise - Indoor/Outdoor
Cabo Stripe BK Pacific - Indoor/Outdoor
Cabo Stripe BK Sunbeam - Indoor/Outdoor
Jamaica Mist - Indoor/Outdoor
Trovata Stripe Mist - Indoor/Outdoor
Trovata Stripe Onyx - Indoor/Outdoor
Cabana Sage - Indoor/Outdoor
Vivienne Putty - Indoor/Outdoor
Brady Stripe Putty - Indoor/Outdoor
Dorma Stripe Patio - Indoor/Outdoor
Cashel Truffle - Indoor/Outdoor
Echo Stripe Truffle - Indoor/Outdoor
Cashel Garnet - Indoor/Outdoor
Echo Stripe Garnet - Indoor/Outdoor
Mallory Java - Indoor/Outdoor
Mallory Texture Mocha - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Brick - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Ginger - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Celedon - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Hunter - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Mist - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Birch - Indoor/Outdoor
Husk Texture Chocolate - Indoor/Outdoor
Denver Stripe Pebble - Indoor/Outdoor
Echo Stripe Ivory - Indoor/Outdoor
Veranda Texture Wasabi - Indoor/Outdoor
Oleanna Tobacco - Indoor/Outdoor
Cabot Stripe Tobacco - Indoor/Outdoor
Barts Texture Sand - Indoor/Outdoor
Cheylan Stripe Scarlet - Indoor/Outdoor
Hermosa Evening - Indoor/Outdoor
Doreena Twilight - Indoor/Outdoor
Kingsbury Stripe Twilight - Indoor/Outdoor
Melinda Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
Oakdale Stripe Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
Melinda Midnight - Indoor/Outdoor
Oakdale Stripe Midnight - Indoor/Outdoor
Breezeway Stripe Cocoa - Indoor/Outdoor
Maystone Brick - Indoor/Outdoor
Cherrington Marine - Indoor/Outdoor
Ada Stripe Marine - Indoor/Outdoor
Deluca Stripe Coffee - Indoor/Outdoor
Arlo Texture Cobalt - Indoor/Outdoor
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Wine
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Beige
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Light Blue
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Blue
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Aqua
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Dark Turquoise
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Royal
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Orchid
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - White
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Black
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Apple
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Light Pink
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Rose
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Hot Pink
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Red
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Purple
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Mint
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Emerald
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Olive Drab Green
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Yellow
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Pale Yellow
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Lemon Yellow
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Tangerine
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Old Gold
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Pale Peach
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Peach
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Orange
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Ivory
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Brown
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Red
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Yellow
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Light Pink
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Orange
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Grape
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Hot Pink
Pom Pom Fringe - Apple/Wine
Mini Pom Pom Fringe - Pink
H27-A Bead & Ball Fringe - Ivory
H27-B Bead & Ball Fringe - Rose
H27-C Bead & Ball Fringe - Antique
H27-D Bead & Ball Fringe - Rust
H27-E Bead & Ball Fringe - Copper
H27-F Bead & Ball Fringe - Carmine
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Fuchsia
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Pink
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Purple
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Orange
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Red
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Wine
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Brown
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Black
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Turquoise
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - White
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Olive
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Lime
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Yellow
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Ivory
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Lavender
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Sand
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Hunter
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Grey
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Blue
Pom Pom Fringe 1.25" - Light Blue
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Golden Brown
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Black / Gold
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Mauve / Green
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Ivory
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Brown / Cinnamon
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Pink
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Red
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Sherbert
Classic Pom Pom Fringe 2" - Sage
Vinyl Welt Piping Cord 1/4" - Parchment
Charlie Brown
Vinci Champagne
Gallagher Black
Gallagher Hunter
Harrison Wine
Conner Multi
Conner Eggshell
Ambrosia Silver
Dahlia Silver
Camellia Silver
Iris Silver
Begonia Silver
Ambrosia Java
Dahlia Java
Camellia Java
Iris Java
Begonia Java
Connolly Lagoon
Monaco Festival
Monaco Breeze
Monaco Dune
Monaco Jungle
Sydney Tropic
Sydney Rainforest
Sydney Smoke
Sydney Berry
Luna Rainforest
Luna Plum
Oakley Oat
Sonatina Ebony
Sonatina Garden
Rowland Silver
Rowland Teal
Rowland Spice
Fiona Peacock
Fiona Serene
Fiona Putty
Fiona Rustic
Java Driftwood
Java Umber
Java Pewter
Java Yacht
Java Spa
Java Barley
Azzuro Marigold
Iskander Lime
Iskander Silver
Remnant-Frolic Rustic
Frolic Peacock
Frolic Putty
Royale Merlot
Royale Espresso
Candy Cafe
Erica Claret
Polka Dot Purple Passion
Savion Khaki
Narragansett Fuchsia
Manning Sunset
Fortune Celebration
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - White
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Ivory
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Champagne
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Antique
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Honey
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Gold
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Taupe
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Rum
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Green Mist
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Sage
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Avocado
Dull Polyester Satin 118"- Bluestone
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Dusty Rose
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Lilac
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Cognac
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Deep Red
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Cinnamon
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Merlot
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Midnight
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Black
Dahlia Coral
Iris Coral
Camellia Coral
Ambrosia Coral
Begonia Coral
Dahlia Ginger
Iris Ginger
Camellia Ginger
Ambrosia Ginger
Begonia Ginger
Dahlia Pearl
Iris Pearl
Camellia Pearl
Ambrosia Pearl
Begonia Pearl
Dahlia Cappuccino
Iris Cappuccino
Camellia Cappuccino
Ambrosia Cappuccino
Begonia Cappuccino
Dahlia Mist
Iris Mist
Camellia Mist
Ambrosia Mist
Begonia Mist
Dahlia Cocoa
Iris Cocoa
Camellia Cocoa
Ambrosia Cocoa
Begonia Cocoa
Dahlia Fire
Camellia Fire
Iris Fire
Ambrosia Fire
Begonia Fire
Zanzibar Ebony
Zanzibar Indigo
Belgrave Graphite
Belgrave Quartz
Kenzo Champagne
Kenzo Autumn Ray
Alumni BK Crocus
Alumni BK Hemlock
Javanese Pewter
Javanese Indigo
Javanese Raven
Smores Victorian
Smores Tiffany Blue
Smores Garden
Tyne Garden
Tyne Tiffany Blue
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Coffee
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Pearl
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Java
Dull Polyester Satin 118" - Spice
Deck Stripe Orange - Indoor/Outdoor
Gingham Fabric Fuchsia - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Lime - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Purple - 1/8"
Gingham Fabric Turquoise - 1/8"
Azzuro Kiwi
Azzuro Teal
Patriot Chili
Blast Elephant
Wisdom Elephant
Begonia Elephant
Frolic Garden
Fiona Garden
Frolic Khaki
Fiona Khaki
Maya Black
Wells Fawn
Wells Poppy
Alana Black
San Marco Lilac
Sandy Bluebird
Sandy Ginger
Sandy Taupe
Gemma Ebony
Hillside Ebony
Gemma Sage
Hillside Sage
Eva Chocolate
Lyndon Metro
Lauren Black
Squiggle Black Pearl
Blast Black Pearl
Koi Black Pearl
Mambo Black Pearl
Iris Black Pearl
Delight Black Pearl
Words Champagne
Words Hemlock
Sally Primrose
Sally Harvest
Moscatel Cherry
Hobie Stripe Expresso
Gloria Jubilee
Gloria Foliage
Gloria Prism
Fritz Sky
Fritz Spa
Fritz Walnut
Fritz Dove
Fritz Tomato
Fritz Persimmon
Fritz Bisque
Metro Linen Black
Metro Linen Blue
Metro Linen Brown
Metro Linen Lime
Metro Linen Ocean
Metro Linen Pistachio
Metro Linen Red
Metro Linen Snow
Metro Linen Tangerine
Metro Linen Yellow
Fritz Tobacco
Fritz Oasis
Fritz Indigo
Fritz Pepper
Schultz Basil
Primitive White 108" Wide
Venus Black Pearl
Terrace Sundance/Linen
Wilmington Robins Egg
Wilmington Chocolate
Wilmington Multi
Barber Storm / Wisteria
Barber Village Blue / Natural
Barber Corn Yellow / Kelp Slub
Z10-A Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Ivory
Z10-B Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Earthen
Z10-C Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Sunflower
Z10-D Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Gold
Z10-E Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Strawberry
Z10-F Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Basil
Z10-G Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Russet
Z10-H Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Truffle
Z10-I Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Ruby
Z10-J Diamond Beaded Trim 2 1/4" Admiral
LZ18-A Beaded Trim 4 1/2" Pink
LZ18-C Beaded Trim 4 1/2" Gold
LZ18-D Beaded Trim 4 1/2" Citrus
LZ18-E Beaded Trim 4 1/2" Destin
LZ18-F Beaded Trim 4 1/2" Ruby
H23-F Bead & Tassel Fringe 4 1/2" Ruby
H23-D Bead & Tassel Fringe 4 1/2" Citrus
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Gold
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Ruby
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Sage
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Regal
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Rust
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Onyx
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Bluebell
2 1/4" Dangling Beaded Trim - Champagne
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Green
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Light Blue
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Berry
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Golden
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Sand
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Peru
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Pink
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Evening
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Cognac
2 3/8" Beaded Trim - Chocolate
Linked In Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Linked In Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Linked In Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Linked In Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Linked In Robins Egg - Indoor/Outdoor
Linked In Orange - Indoor/Outdoor
Fil Chatterly Chocolate
Fiddledidee Taupe
Grand Estate Gold
Grand Reggae Gold
Grand Stripe Jewel / Brown
Phoenix Jewel / Brown
Lotus Desert
Lotus Grey
La Mayflower Ruby
Grand Petal Gold
Sonic Nova Blue
Plantain Blue Hawaii
Capricious Nature
Verona Bronze
Verona Brass
Zig Zag Storm / Twill
Polka Dot Baby Pink / White
Polka Dot Girly Blue / Twill
Polka Dot White / Storm Twill
Polka Dot Julie / White
Serenity Storm
Serenity Spa
Serenity Sail
Serenity Linen
Serenity Fern
Belle Isle Yacht
Belle Isle Forest
Belle Isle Dove
Belle Isle Spa
Belle Isle Pewter
Belle Isle Dune
Bali Yacht
Bali Wheat
Bali Spa
Bali Stone
Joy Nutella
Joy Sublime
Joy Capri
Joy Pink Glow
Zebra Tangerine
Zebra Sublime
Zebra Capri
Zebra Pink Glow
Mosaic Pink Glow
Istanbul After Dark
Plasma After Dark
Plasma Chartreuse
Colored Burlap Orange
Cheetah Capri
Cheetah Nutella
Morocco Nutella
Mosaic Azul
Tunisia Lipstick/Chartreuse
Mosaic Lemon Tonic
Centella Lemon Tonic
Heron Lemon Tonic
Pomegranate Capri
Old Timey Cigars
Burgundy Brocade
Linen Butterflies
Remnant-Subtle Leaves
Green Dots
Burgundy Dots
Tan Dots
Rich Vines
Sea Fresh Vines
Wallflower Tan
Wallflower Green
Cotton Sheeting 108" - White
Color Box
Sunbox Tan
Sunbox Yellow
Gabee Garden
Striking Stripes
Striking Stripes Green
Shrilling Stripes
Tempo Pintuck Pebble
Heron After Dark
Istanbul Capri
Sheeting 90" - Houndstooth Black/White
Ransom Copper - slightly imperfect
Bronson Navy
Bronson Linen
Bronson Cognac
Bronson Berry
Bronson Nutmeg
Bronson Smoke
Tandem Chamois
Tandem Bitter
Tandem Elm
Tandem Navy
Tandem Wine
Remnant-Hyatt SPA
Fresh Swirls
Legacy Suede Banana
Legacy Suede Apple Green
Legacy Suede Avocado
Legacy Suede Periwinkle
Legacy Suede Ink
Legacy Suede Denim
Legacy Suede Leaf
Legacy Suede Goldenrod
Legacy Suede Oatmeal
Legacy Suede Ecru
Legacy Suede Snow
Legacy Suede Tomato
Legacy Suede Chocolate
Elegant Oyster 110" Wide
Elegant Grape 110" Wide
Elegant Stripe Latte 110" Wide
Elegant Stripe Oyster 110" Wide
Untamed Black/Ivory
Luster Scroll Buff
Luster Scroll Sage
Luster Scroll Persimmon
Luster Scroll Chocolate
Luster Scroll Java
Luster Java
Luster Chocolate
Luster Sage
Luster Buff
Ozborne True Turquoise
Indoor/Outdoor Welt Piping Cord 6/32"
Mesa China - Indoor/Outdoor
Mesa Graphite - Indoor/Outdoor
Mesa Citron - Indoor/Outdoor
Mesa Geranium - Indoor/Outdoor
Mesa Sky - Indoor/Outdoor
Mesa Chocolate - Indoor/Outdoor
Conner Amazon Rust
Fran Smoke
Freda Smoke
Cindy Smoke
Valery Mud
Vicky Black
Chessboard Black
Vanessa Black
Wanda Red
Fran Red
Valery Lime
Vicky Lime
Winona Lime
Vanity Lime
Cindy Grey
REMNANT Florence Grey
Cecelia Teal
Wilma Teal
Cindy Teal
Faith Tan
Fran Tan
Whitney Turquoise
Victoria Teal
Vanity Teal
Cecelia Turquoise
Wilma Turquoise
Vanity Orange
Fran Orange
Eddy Teal
Ellen Teal
Fay Teal
Cameron Tan
Eleanor Smoke
Fay Smoke
Ellen Lime
Eddy Sky
Cameron Lime
Rosella Jade
Rosella Monaco Blue
Rosella Valentines
Rosella Tango Mango
Rosella Summer Squash
Dots Monaco Blue
Dots Freppy
Dots Cielo
Dots Kiwi
Dots Silver
Dots Tango Mango
Amaya Monaco Blue
Amaya Kiwi
Yoyo Monaco Blue
Yoyo Kiwi
Yoyo Volcano
Path Monaco Blue
Path Kiwi
Path Summer Squash
Path Tango Mango
Path Silver
Del Mar Plain Sand Stone
Del Mar Plain Jade
Del Mar Plain Summer Squash
Del Mar Monaco Blue
Del Mar Valentines
Tibet Monaco Blue
Tibet Kiwi
Tibet Tango Mango
Square Monaco Blue
Square Kiwi
Square Silver
Square Tango Mango
Moorish Cappuccino
Moorish Jade
Moorish Kiwi
Moorish Tango Mango
Surf Lake
Surf Jade
Surf Summer Squash
Surf Valentines
Surf Kiwi
Surf Silver
Amaya Lake
Yoga Jade
Yoga Freppy
Yoga Kiwi
Reef Jade
Reef Tango Mango
Bella Jade
Bella Valentines
Bella Tango Mango
Max Kiwi
Max Tango Mango
Wizard Valentines
Heavenly Valentines
Heavenly Tango Mango
Heavenly Silver
Carnival Tango Mango
Cheetah Kiwi
Cheetah Volcano
Cheetah Tango Mango
Zebra Kiwi
Zebra Volcano
Zebra Tango Mango
Mila Tango Mango
Mila Volcano
Paris Volcano
Nova Silver
Nova Tango Mango
Bella Freppy
Del Mar Plain Kiwi
Embrace Artist Green/Slub
Embrace Thistle/Slub
Carnival Gumdrop/Natural
Carnival Grasshopper / Natural
Carnival Grapevine/Dossett
Carnival Village Blue/Natural
Carnival Sunshine / Natural
Jo Jo Artist Green / Slub
Jo Jo Corn Yellow / Slub
Jo Jo Storm / Twill
Jo Jo Aquarius / Slub
Jo Jo Italian Brown / Drew
Jo Jo Tangelo / Slub
Jo Jo Thistle / Slub
Jo Jo Black / White
Cameron Aquarius / Slub
Cameron Tangelo / Slub
Cameron Artist Green / Slub
Cameron Pewter / Natural
Carnival Rosa/Laken
Cameron Storm / Twill
Cameron Corn Yellow / Slub
Cameron Thistle / Slub
Cameron Black / White
Suzani Vine Sherbet / Twill
Zig Zag Thistle/White Slub
Windsor Stripe Almond 110" Wide
Text Me Natural
North Shore Dune
Chopra Stripe Bandelier
Chopra Stripe Sadona
Mile Scarlet
Mile Solo
Mile Kiwi
Mile Sand Stone
Tea Rose Silver
Tea Rose Scarlet
Hilton Butternut
Whimsey America Fern
Fil Recipe Topaz
Bengal Froth
Brendan Toast
Isin Celadon
Letty Spray Walnut
Gothem Marmalade
Spots Ruby
Polka Dot Chocolate
Glam Sheen Jute
Casablanca Geo Toffee
Casablanca Geo Citrine
Casablanca Geo Aquamarine
Pressed Flowers Meadow
Pressed Flowers Cobalt
Pressed Flowers Sky
Pressed Flowers Carmine
Angelica Clover
Angelica Zink
Angelica Carmine
Rowley Gray
Rimmel Gray
Avenue Gray
Lattice Bamboo Amber
Lattice Bamboo Greystone
Scroll Black / Tan - Indoor/Outdoor
Scroll Lagoon - Indoor / Outdoor
Scroll Maroon - Indoor / Outdoor
Wide Stripe Green - Indoor / Outdoor
Wide Stripe Fuchsia - Indoor / Outdoor
Wide Stripe Yellow - Indoor / Outdoor
Tropical Red - Indoor / Outdoor
Tropical Black - Indoor / Outdoor
Tropical Navy - Indoor / Outdoor
Hibiscus Lime - Indoor / Outdoor
Hibiscus Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Hibiscus Fuchsia - Indoor / Outdoor
Awning Stripe Multi - Indoor / Outdoor
Awning Stripe Lagoon - Indoor / Outdoor
Awning Stripe Black - Indoor / Outdoor
Camo Camo - Indoor / Outdoor
Leafy Leafy - Indoor / Outdoor
New Damask Greystone
New Damask Marine
Lattice Bamboo Pool
Lattice Bamboo Leaf
Lattice Bamboo Terrain
Lattice Bamboo Raspberry
Strie Ikat Ultramarine
Strie Ikat Malachite
Malakos Malachite
Malakos Ultramarine
Malakos Ink
Pele Tattersall
Pele Confetti
Pele Carousel
Pele Sizzle
Soho Cinnamon
REMNANT Soho Merlot
Giraffe Brown / Natural
Giraffe Platinum
Zebra Platinum
Rope Emb. Tao Pewter
Harlow White - 110"
Harlow Silver - 110"
Lafayette Washed Jacquard Natural
Blair Washed Jacquard Natural
Woodsen Washed Jacquard Natural
Symphony Buttercream
Symphony Grape Vine
Symphony Evening
Symphony Foliage
Byblos Gold
Granada Raven
Duxbury Agean
Duxbury Epic
Duxbury Venetian
Alyssa Cactus
Alyssa Cedar
Alyssa Champage
Alyssa Geranium
Alyssa Raspberry
Alyssa Hyacinth
Alyssa Hemp
Biscayne 90 Silver
Biscayne 883 Luau
Biscayne 542 Caribe
Biscayne 74 Coral
Biscayne 644 Caribou
Lovebirds 244 Acid Green
Lovebirds 521 Aquamarine
Lovebirds 73 Petal
Lovebirds 90 Dove
Lovebirds 948 Charcoal
Small Talk Azalea
Sydney Aquarius / Slub
Sydney Italian Brown / Drew
Sydney Black
Sydney Thistle / Slub
Zazzle Flamingo
Zazzle Berries / Drew
Embrace Italian Brown / Drew
Emily Indigo / Laken
Emily Black / Natural
Menagerie Sunshine / Natural
Menagerie Sherbet / Twill
Shakes Aquarius / Slub
Shakes Corn Yellow / Slub
Shakes Artist Green / Slub
Shakes Thistle / Slub
Shakes Tangelo / Slub
Shakes Italian Brown / Drew
Shakes Storm / Twill
Shakes Black
Nicole Organic Green / Laken
Nicole Indigo / Laken
Nicole Kelp / Laken
Nicole Tabby Orange / Laken
Tarzan Caribe
Tarzan Coconut
Tarzan Mimosa
Tarzan Driftwood
Tarzan Citrus
Tarzan Pearl Grey
Tarzan Rose Red
Dakota Meadow
Dakota Linen
Dakota Grey
Dakota Ocean
Dakota Concord
Oh Suzanni II Metal
Oh Suzanni II Ocean
Oh Suzanni II Plum
Emory Tangerine
Emory Wheat
Emory Yacht
Emory Pewter
Emory Leaf
Emory Chocolate
Boulevard Grey
Boulevard Linen
Boulevard Meadow
Boulevard Concord
Boulevard Ocean
Interlochen Linen
Interlochen Tango
Interlochen Slate
Interlochen Chocolate
Interlochen Onyx
Interlochen Storm
Interlochen Emerald
Interlochen Sail
Doncaster Sandstone
Four Square Java
Tiki Driftwood
Tiki Caribe
Tiki Coral
Tiki Pearl Grey
Tiki Citrus
Tiki Jute
Tiki Sunshine
Spring Mix Aloe
Spring Mix Pomegranate
Spring Mix Ultramarine
Spring Mix Poppy
Spring Mix Spring
Nikki Blue
Bedazzle Henna - Indoor / Outdoor
Bedazzle Ebony - Indoor / Outdoor
Sabrina Rainforest
Gloria Cocoa
Mallard Jewel
Lucerne Cognac
Mia Jewel
Christine Rainforest
Sophia Rainforest
Gavin Cocoa
Concord Rainforest
Big Stripe Sand
Conrad Wizard
Conrad Woodchip
Conrad Spark
Blazin' Bandana Lime
Blazin' Bandana Chocolate
Blazin' Bandana Rust
Chevron Hunter / White
Chevron Navy / White
Chevron Violet / White
Chevron Pink / White
Chevron Lime Green / White
Chevron Yellow / White
Chevron Red / White
Chevron Mustard / White
Florenza Midnight
Florenza Baltic
Florenza Hot Pink
Florenza Charcoal
Galaxy Vinyl Purple
Galaxy Vinyl Yellow
Galaxy Vinyl Grey
Galaxy Vinyl Royal Blue
Murray Burlap Yellow
Murray Burlap Pink
Murray Burlap Avocado
Murray Burlap Lavender
Murray Burlap Black
Murray Burlap Light Blue
Murray Burlap Light Sage
Freehand Black / White
Freehand Corn Yellow / Slub
Freehand Storm / Twill
Freehand Italian Brown / Drew
Freehand Tangelo / Slub
Freehand Aquarius / Slub
Freehand Thistle / Slub
Freehand Artist Green / Slub
Diva Aquarius / Slub
Diva Corn Yellow / Slub
Diva Artist Green / Slub
Diva Tangelo / Slub
Diva Italian Brown / Drew
Diva Storm / Twill
Diva Black / White
Towers Village Chocolate / Natural
Towers Sherbet Orange / Twill
Towers Primary Red / Natural
Towers Onyx Dark Grey / Natural
Towers Onyx / Natural
Towers Mandarin Blue / Dossett
Towers Village Blue / Natural
Towers Rosa Pink / Laken
Neo Keys Pool
Neo Keys Poppy
Neo Keys Storm
Neo Keys Twine
Lyndon Candy
Lyndon Lime
Sarge Beige
Sarge Black / Tan
Sarge Blue / Green
Artistry Cinnamon
Saxon #555 Passion
Saxon #555 Natural
Saxon #555 Marina
Temecula Julep
Aurita Dijon
Linen Duck Natural
Garden Toss Poppy
Leopold Oyster
Castillo Julep
Deveron Black / Beige - Indoor / Outdoor
Coach Stripe Wasabi - Indoor / Outdoor
Halina Wasabi - Indoor / Outdoor
Ethan Scarlet - Indoor / Outdoor
Wyken Stripe Scarlet - Indoor / Outdoor
Lombard Stripe Jewel - Indoor / Outdoor
Multi Loop Twine
Multi Loop Pool
Multi Loop Storm
Ornate Frame Zest
Ornate Frame Ultramarine
Ornate Frame Pool
Luxury Floral Pool
Luxury Floral Poppy
Anoko Greystone
Avery Spice
Remnant-Kemble Fawn
Graphic Fret Ultramarine
Graphic Fret Pomegranate
Graphic Fret Greystone
Graphic Fret Flax
Graphic Fret Citrine
Hand Motif Pool
Hand Motif Greystone
Hand Motif Ultramarine
Hand Motif Poppy
Birdwatcher Summer
Birdwatcher Charcoal
Birdwatcher Linen
Soprano Graphite
Soprano Lemongrass
Evelynne Graphite
Evelynne Henna
Kashan Licorice
Kashan Jewel
Kashan Kiwi
Marlena Orange
Marlena Graphite
Manna Tangerine
Manna Soapstone
Manna Kiwi
Manna Jewel
Django Persian
Django Jubilee
Django Turquoise
Sandringham Fiesta
Sandringham French Blue
Sandringham Raspberry
Pagoda Lemongrass
Cooper Lichen
Lancy Multi
Cadence Multi
Pagoda Fuji
Pagoda Azure
Pagoda Mahogany
Pagoda Taupe
Pagoda Glacier
Pagoda Havana
Quinn Ardmore
Quinn Millet
Chartbuster Butter
Milam Apricot
Jefferson Monument
Jefferson Blossom
Sheridan Celestial
Kipling Cognac
Kipling Silversage
Nirvana Ochre
Rio Mocha
Evelynne Lemongrass
Leopold Persimmon
Leopold Aquamarine
Susannah Summer
Susannah Horizon
Birdwatcher Meadow
Soprano Summer
Alhambra Citrus
Alhambra Cinnabar
Alhambra French Blue
Debby Vodka Cooler
Debby Absolute Passion
**REMNANT** Debby Grand Cosmo
Azibar Gold
Azibar Lime
Colechatter Light
Forbidden Multi
Pica Aqua
Africa Pistachio
Corazon Cafe
Pauline Gold
Vintage Linen / Burlap Olive
Vintage Linen / Burlap Willow
Vintage Linen / Burlap Dark Orange
Vintage Linen / Burlap Burgundy
Vintage Linen / Burlap White
Vintage Linen / Burlap Turquoise
Vintage Linen / Burlap Fuchsia
Vintage Linen / Burlap Wheat
Vintage Linen / Burlap Avocado
Vintage Linen / Burlap Brown
Vintage Linen / Burlap Khaki
Vintage Linen / Burlap Orange
Vintage Linen / Burlap Navy
Vintage Linen / Burlap Sepia
Vintage Linen / Burlap Tiffany Blue
Vintage Linen / Burlap Eggplant
Vintage Linen / Burlap Charcoal
Vintage Linen / Burlap Silver
Vintage Linen / Burlap Black
Vintage Linen / Burlap Taupe
Vintage Linen / Burlap Platinum
Vintage Linen / Burlap Seafoam
Vintage Linen / Burlap Peach
Vintage Linen / Burlap Ivory
Vintage Linen / Burlap Light Gold
Chevron Yellow - Indoor/Outdoor
Chevron Lime - Indoor/Outdoor
Chevron Orange - Indoor/Outdoor
Chevron Black - Indoor/Outdoor
Chevron Navy - Indoor/Outdoor
Karen Rust
Kasey Rust
Kasey Blue
Torri Burgundy
Samantha Orange
Ricci Multi
Ricci Wine
Ricci Brown
Ricci Beige
Jill Black
Yaping Rust
Gloria Black
Harrison Brown
Amy Mellon
Janet Red
REMNANT Janet Blue
Janet Black
Koryn Rust
Charlie Lt. Blue
Alice Orange
Alice Coffee
REMNANT Belinda Tan
Beverly Tan
Joan Brown
Joan Black
Joan Tan
Nicole Wine
Nicole Cobalt
Nicole Rust
Chevron Orange / White
Audrey Turquoise
Deliaroad Poppy
Deliaroad Mica
Yvonne Spa
Terry Burgundy
Roseannepark Raspberry
Roseannepark Sky
Gallagher Chocolate
Yvonne Lemongrass
Yvonne Umber
Farrahkey Doe
Farrahkey Smoke
Brenda Burgundy
Breanna Tan
Brook Saffron
Ele Storm / White Twill
Ele White / Storm Twill
Olympia Umber
Yvonne Salsa
Yvonne Clay
Farrahkey Sage
Farrahkey Lemongrass
Moser Wine
Roseanne Raspberry
Delia Curry
Delia Poppy
Teresa Burgundy
Gallagher Tan
Jane Beige
Papyrus Chocolate
Stefanie Black
Polka Dot Blue / White
Zippy Cloud / Denton
Zig Zag Italian Brown / Drew
Stripe Coastal Grey / Natural Slub
Zodiac Diamond Cashew
Amanda Diamond Coleus
Zoom Zoom Bella / Cozy Twill
Zig Zag Tangelo / Slub
Sinclair Dandelion
Malibar Ebony
Maitlin Pool - Indoor/Outdoor
Sealife Coral - Indoor/Outdoor
Keene Cherry - Indoor/Outdoor
Kasmira Multi - Indoor/Outdoor
Give a Hoot Caribbean
Island Breeze Paramount Atlantic
Jungle Jam Madden / Aqua
Jungle Jam Madden / Vermillion
Jungle Jam Madden / Vanilla
Jungle Jam Madden / Thunder
Groveland Madden / Jungle
Groveland Madden / Starlight
Groveland Madden / Glacier
Groveland Madden / Rodeo
Ingrid Baltic
Ingrid Ebony
Ingrid Citrus
Stamps Victorian
Duvall Fiesta
Sedro Greenapple
Treeline Graphite
Veranda Citrus - Indoor / Outdoor
Forsyth Coral - Indoor / Outdoor
Forsyth Pool - Indoor / Outdoor
Crazy Ol Bird Sunrise
Mix It Up Carnival
Crazy Ol Bird Midnight
Mattituck Powder
Maelle L Vellum
Monkeying Around Teak
Soto L Russet
Russo Tangerine
Kova L Chocolate
Delfina Carnival
Crab Walk Aqua
Ooh La La Carnival
Skyfall Navy
Adele Navy
Skyfall Crimson
Adele Crimson
Skyfall Spa
Adele Spa
Skyfall Slate
Adele Slate
Skyfall Tango
Adele Tango
Skyfall Ocean
Adele Ocean
Brookhaven Granite
Brookhaven Frolic
Brookhaven Poppy
Brookhaven Aquarius
Brookhaven Marigold
Brookhaven Nature
Streamers Vineyard
Streamers Sand
Streamers Russet
Streamers Nature
Streamers Poppy
Streamers Ocean
Rockin' Robin Breeze
Rockin' Robin Driftwood
Rockin' Robin Coral
Christmas Gift Certificate
(email or paper)

Donetta Gold
Bambina Canary
St. Moritz Red Tribal
Libra Rust
Leo Rust
Tullahoma Copper
Tullahoma Sand Dollar
Tullahoma Icecap
Tullahoma Ink
Tullahoma Marble
Tullahoma Bay
Jedburgh Graphite
Gunnison Nugget
Woburn Maize
Woburn Slate
Woburn Blackout
Woburn Sunflower
Woburn Tomato
Linda Surf
Linda Onyx
Linda Rainbow
Birthday Gift Certificate
(email or paper)

Any Occasion Gift Certificate
(email or paper)

Olson Ebony
O'Connell Ebony
Osana Ebony
Ena Classic
Eri Classic
Pagano Jewel
Proteus Canary
Duvall Lagoon
Tags Original
Antique Sea
**REMNANT** Melba Sea
Melba Rust
Trinity Rain Forest
Vasti Toast
Evergreen Rainbow
Mother's Day Gift Certificate
(email or paper)

Chevron Orange 2
Mini Checker Poplin Apple Green
Mini Checker Poplin Orange
Mini Checker Poplin Pink
Mini Checker Poplin Fuchsia
Mini Checker Poplin Burgundy
Mini Checker Poplin Turquoise
Mini Checker Poplin Black
Mini Checker Poplin Yellow
Mini Checker Poplin Lime
Mini Checker Poplin Hunter Green
Mini Checker Poplin Red
Mini Checker Poplin Navy
Mini Checker Poplin Royal
REMNANT Big Checker Poplin Orange
Big Checker Poplin Pink
Big Checker Poplin Burgundy
Big Checker Poplin Hunter Green
Sundeck Off-White - Indoor/Outdoor
Dyed Solid Navy Blue
Dyed Solid Berries Navy
Dyed Solid Flamingo Grey
Dyed Solid Storm
Dyed Solid Summerland Yellow
Dyed Solid Lipstick
Dyed Solid Mandarin Blue
Dyed Solid Village Blue
Dyed Solid Thistle
Dyed Solid LSU Purple
Dyed Solid Chartreuse
Dyed Solid Mandarin Orange
Dyed Solid Village Brown
Dyed Solid Kelp
Dyed Solid Corn Yellow
Dyed Solid Candy Pink
Dyed Solid Black Charcoal
Divine Paisley Peacock
Divine Stripe Peacock
Grand Reggae Jewel
Grand Reggae Onyx
Grand Reggae Celery
Grand Reggae Multi
Grand Paisley Multi
Grand Paisley Jewel
Grand Paisley Gold
Grand Paisley Celery
Grand Paisley Onyx
Phoenix Onyx
Phoenix Celery
Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Multi
Grand Estate Multi
Grand Estate Onyx
Grand Estate Jewel
Grand Estate Celery
Eyelet Trim White
Eyelet Trim Yellow
Eyelet Trim Blue
Grand Stripe Onyx
Grand Stripe Celery
Eden Onyx
Ella Onyx
Astyn Onyx
Tom Cat Thunder
Surat Peacock
Delhi Peacock
Jaipur Peacock
Divine Damask Peacock
Divine Damask Raspberry
Keswick Ribbon Porcelain
Sunfish Lagoon - Indoor / Outdoor
Umbrella Scarlet - Indoor / Outdoor
Umbrella Marine - Indoor / Outdoor
Cubix Lagoon - Indoor / Outdoor
Cubix Sapphire - Indoor / Outdoor
Crocodile Velvet Beige
Crocodile Velvet Chardonnay
Crocodile Velvet Tan
Crocodile Velvet Baby Pink
Crocodile Velvet Silver
Crocodile Velvet Olive
Crocodile Velvet Camel
Crocodile Velvet Sage
Crocodile Velvet Basil
Crocodile Velvet Cocoa
Crocodile Velvet Gold
Crocodile Velvet Royal
Crocodile Velvet Indigo
Crocodile Velvet Rose
Crocodile Velvet Blue Platinum
Crocodile Velvet Ruby
Crocodile Velvet Baby Blue
Crocodile Velvet White
Crocodile Velvet Black
Grand Stripe Gold
Heat Wave Mango - Indoor / Outdoor
Palm Palace Mango - Indoor / Outdoor
Palm Palace Marine - Indoor / Outdoor
Heat Wave Marine - Indoor / Outdoor
Solar Spot Pool - Indoor / Outdoor
Meridian Pool - Indoor / Outdoor
Links Glade
Silhouette Onyx
Koda Chrome Santa Fe
Claude Caramel
Claude Amethyst
Swansea M7574 Fudge
Cancun Velvet Cinnamon
Solitaire Tobacco
Shine On Spring
Wheels N Motion Spring
Wheels N Motion Americana
Shine On Americana
Tail Spin Sterling / Chartreuse
Farmers Market Plum
Balancing Act Navy
Chanda Stripe Multi
Moreland Navy
Stonington Denim
Brooklyn Aqua
Chromatic Regal
Wave Taupe - 114" Wide
Tweet Bluestone
Casino Lemon
Peach Damask
Chatsworth Charcoal
Asbury Indigo
Lexa Chocolate
Duvall Sahara
Secret Garden Fawn
Mezzo Surf
Mezzo Tangerine
Mezzo Ebony
Plaza Slate
Plaza Spa
Plaza Navy
Plaza Linen
Plaza Onyx
Plaza Steel
Ariel Spa
Ariel Sunset
Ariel Ocean
Ariel Driftwood
Chevy Laguna
Chevy Grey
Chevy Charcoal
Chevy Sailor
Chevy Red
Deco Slate
Deco Barley
Deco Poppy
Deco Onyx
Deco Navy
Deco Spa
Galaxy Marigold
Galaxy Sail
Galaxy Mist
Galaxy Mink
Galaxy Spa
Printemps So Happy
Ditdot So Happy
Plaza So Happy
Peek a Boo So Happy
Fresco So Happy
Mindcraft So Happy
Cougar So Happy
Over the Rainbow So Happy
Sweet Spot So Wise
Bugs So Happy
St. Michel So Happy
Seeds So Happy
Pagoda So Happy
Missoni So Happy
Tiles So Happy
Pagoda So Wise
Bugs So Wise
Mindcraft So Wise
Peek a Boo So Wise
Plaza So Wise
Seeds So Wise
Blossom So Wise
Cougar So Wise
Botanica So Wise
Tiles So Wise
Medina So Good
Mindcraft So Good
Sea World So Good
Cougar So Good
St. Michel So Good
Santorini So Good
Tiles So Good
Botanica So Good
Over the Rainbow So Good
Sweet Spot So Good
Printemps So Good
Missoni So Good
Peek a Boo So Good
Seeds So Kind
Botanica So Kind
Peek a Boo So Kind
Medina So Kind
Mindcraft So Kind
Missoni So Kind
Pagoda So Kind
Plaza So Pure
Fresco So Pure
Cougar So Pure
Tucuman Caffe - Indoor / Outdoor
Westport Stripe Henna - Indoor / Outdoor
Westport Stripe Teal - Indoor / Outdoor
Telfair Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Balmoral Garden - Indoor / Outdoor
Guardian Sterling - Indoor / Outdoor
Westport Stripe Garden - Indoor / Outdoor
Tucuman Ebony - Indoor / Outdoor
Telfair Noir - Indoor / Outdoor
Destiny Fiesta - Indoor / Outdoor
Wondrous Garden - Indoor / Outdoor
Albany Banana - Indoor / Outdoor
Cera Summer - Indoor / Outdoor
Guardian Garden - Indoor / Outdoor
Telfair Garden - Indoor / Outdoor
Telfair Cherry - Indoor / Outdoor
Cera Pompeii - Indoor / Outdoor
Irondaze Pompeii - Indoor / Outdoor
Guardian Summer - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresca Cobalt - Indoor / Outdoor
Westport Stripe Opal - Indoor / Outdoor
Guardian Chambray - Indoor / Outdoor
Irondaze Cobalt - Indoor / Outdoor
Destiny Caribbean - Indoor / Outdoor
Balmoral Opal - Indoor / Outdoor
Albany Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Albany Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Wondrous Summer - Indoor / Outdoor
Irondaze Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Cera Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Cera Sterling - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresca Opal - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresca Mist - Indoor / Outdoor
Empire Lawn - Indoor / Outdoor
Empire Teal - Indoor / Outdoor
Walden Stripe Caribe - Indoor / Outdoor
Beachhuts Cabana - Indoor / Outdoor
Empire Navy - Indoor / Outdoor
Beachhuts Pool - Indoor / Outdoor
Walden Stripe Summer - Indoor / Outdoor
Beachhuts Vintage - Indoor / Outdoor
Empire Cherry - Indoor / Outdoor
Cabana Stripe Red - Indoor / Outdoor
Best Red - Indoor / Outdoor
Walden Stripe Nautical - Indoor / Outdoor
Cabana Stripe Cobalt - Indoor / Outdoor
Best Cobalt - Indoor / Outdoor
Cabana Stripe Citrus - Indoor / Outdoor
Best Citrus - Indoor / Outdoor
Cabana Stripe Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Best Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Destiny Mineral - Indoor / Outdoor
Destiny Terracotta - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresca Fiesta - Indoor / Outdoor
Albany Mango - Indoor / Outdoor
Balmoral Seaglass - Indoor / Outdoor
Balmoral Jungle - Indoor / Outdoor
Tucuman Multi - Indoor / Outdoor
Wondrous Primrose - Indoor / Outdoor
Walden Stripe Citrus - Indoor / Outdoor
Wondrous Patina - Indoor / Outdoor
Irondaze Sterling - Indoor / Outdoor
Veranda Turquoise - Indoor / Outdoor
Veranda Red - Indoor / Outdoor
Veranda Kiwi - Indoor / Outdoor
Veranda Cobalt - Indoor / Outdoor
Ines Courage
Karma Courage
Giverny Courage
Passion Flower Courage
Ines Prosperity
Gigi Gratitude
Riva Courage
Fes Harmony
Marathon Courage
Avignon Prosperity
Chloe Prosperity
Jaguar Gratitude
Secret Prosperity
Dew Point Bark
Orbit Multi
Mojo Cosmic
Tilly Trail Onyx
On Course Anchor
Dress Up Twill Red
Petty Point Tomato
Queen's Lace Birch
Idyllic Days Ruby
Upstream Stripe Coral
Hidden Treasure Ruby
Synergy Sienna
Synergy Eucalyptus
Zebra Black
Fresco Finale Smoke
Easy Breezy Linen
Everard Damask Onyx
Tennyson Onyx
Delacourt Metal
La Forge Juniper
Set Sail Anchor
Gemma Bluebell
Gemma Domino
Gemma Sorbet
A New Twist Algae
Fishbowl Algae
Birdhouse Brown
Birdhouse Burgundy
Half of Shapes
Overlapping Color
Muting Flowers
Kings Road-Waverly
Leopard Tan / Black
Colorful Origami
Paint Splatter Blue
Paint Splatter Orange
Geometric Fun
Tropical Flowers
Checker Green
Checker Blue
Bubblegum Check 1/16
Keeport Navajo
Keeport Moonstruck
Keeport Goldmine
Keeport Dragonfly
Latham Leaf
Coastal Leaf
Suzi Surf
Suzi Tangerine
Suzi Ebony
Dale Earnhardt-Racecar
Swirls of Gold
Purple Tweed
Polyester Lining Royal
Polyester Lining Black
Polyester Lining Grey
Polyester Lining Ivory
Polyester Lining Taupe
Polyester Lining Bubble Gum
Polyester Lining Mint
Polyester Lining Baby Blue
Polyester Lining Turquoise
Polyester Lining Lilac
Polyester Lining Silver
Polyester Lining Yellow
Polyester Lining Light Yellow
Polyester Lining Orange
Polyester Lining Pink
Polyester Lining Hot Pink
Polyester Lining Red
Polyester Lining Cranberry
Polyester Lining Lime
Polyester Lining Flag Green
Polyester Lining Hunter
Polyester Lining Aqua
Polyester Lining Navy
Polyester Lining White
Orange Solid
Garden in Bloom
Lace Bears-120"
Plush Velvet Chocolate
Plush Velvet Pearl
Plush Velvet Coffee
Plush Velvet Pecan
Plush Velvet Berry
Plush Velvet Black
Bennison Leaf
Cotton Sheeting 108" - Black
Crimson Linen
Dove Linen
Black Linen
Natural Linen
Bondi Wedge
Bondi Sand
Bondi Silver
Bondi Seawind
Donetta Taupe
Donetta Onyx
Donetta Sky
Pringe Paprika
Audubon Paprika
Sumatra Indigo
West Bend Blue Bird
Fresco Sandstone - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresco Black - Indoor / Outdoor
Fresco Navy - Indoor / Outdoor
Lexa Flax
West Bend Poppy
Sherwood Willow
Caressa Willow
Asbury Fawn
Asbury Spa
Asbury Flax
Venezla Cliffside Vermilion
Jacq Tango
Jacq Lagoon
Jacq Sterling
Jacq Quarry
Alessandro Glacier
Chevron Turquoise / White
Chevron Gray / White
Chevron Royal / White
Wheat Circles-Quilted
Brown Linen
Chevron Lime / Light Lime
Chevron Turquoise / Light Turquoise
Chevron Royal / Blue
Chevron Aqua / Light Aqua
Chevron OJ / Soft Orange
Yellow Flowers Embroidered 108"
Chevron Purple / Lavender
Chevron Magenta / Rose
Chevron Pink / Light Pink
Orange Flower Embroidered 108"
Tan Flower Embroidered-108"
Natural Stripe 120"
Linen Leaf-Quilted
Stone Leaves
Country Kitchen
Richloom Ginger
Balotelli Southwest
Alessandro Goldmine
Alessandro Spice
Billiard Room
Feather Friends
Midnight Garden
Striped Damask
Sage Scroll
Autumn at Night
Vines at Night
Shades of Fall
Olive Flowers
Blue Plaid
Yellow Plaid
Big Plaid
Alessandro Seamist
Alessandro Canyon
Bondi Titanium
Horizontal Damask
French Garden
Diamond Leaf
Sand Flowers
Olga's Garden
Early Flight
Golfing Green
Nature Symphony
Sweet Romance
Garden Path
Vintage Charm
Bridgewater Damask
Parke Tahoe
Parke Heather
Parke Lakeside
Parke Golddust
Parke Sundance
Hole in One
Dursley Mahogany
Courtyard Diamond
Duramax Swatch Card - 48 shades (free shipping)
Monticello Floral
Faint Jungle
Delaware Beige
Aura Damask
Mayville Scroll
Country Club
Wythe Blue Garden
Crest View
Old Time Damask
Quatrefoil Gray / White
Quatrefoil White / Gray
Quatrefoil Fuchsia / White
Quatrefoil White / Fuchsia
Quatrefoil Pink / White
Quatrefoil White / Pink
Quatrefoil Lime Green / White
Quatrefoil White / Lime Green
Quatrefoil Turquoise / White
Quatrefoil White / Turquoise
Quatrefoil Baby Blue / White
Quatrefoil White / Baby Blue
Quatrefoil Royal / White
Quatrefoil White / Royal
Quatrefoil White / Navy
Quatrefoil Navy / White
Quatrefoil Black / White
Quatrefoil White / Black
Quatrefoil White / Red
Quatrefoil Red / White
Lattice Work Diamond
Victorian Elegance
Christmas Jewels Metallic Stripes Gold / Red
Christmas Jewels Metallic Stripes Gold / Green
Christmas Jewels Metallic Stars Gold / Green
Christmas Jewels Glitter Red
Christmas Jewels Glitter Green
Christmas Jewels Metallic Dots Gold / Green
Christmas Jewels Plain Dots Red / White
Christmas Jewels Plain Dots Green / White
Christmas Jewels Plain Forest Green
Gaze Across Africa
Embroidered-Raw Silk
Natural Leaf-Quilted
Natural Circles-Quilted
Coral Button Silk
Chocolate Button Silk
54" Dupioni Silk-Lavender
Ivory Button Silk
Fuchsia Button Silk
Burgundy Plaid
Navy Plaid
Capri Plaid
Black Plaid
Pink Floral Silk
Ribbon Embroidered Flowers
Sage Mountain
Children at Play
The Hunt
Grey Toile Upholstery
Williamsburg Toile Upholstery
Mystic Animals
Hinda Navy
Hinda Black
Richloom Fancy
Mystic Diamond
Sommerville Paisley
True Timber Polyester Twill Camo New Conceal
Dancing Bears
True Timber Polyester Twill Camo MC2 Pink
True Timber Polyester Twill Camo MC2 Purple
True Timber Satin Camo Snowfall White
True Timber Satin Camo Snowfall Pink
True Timber Satin Camo New Conceal
True Timber Polyester Twill Camo HTC Fall
True Timber Laser Cut Camo Leafy XD3
Tarrytown Stripe
Cascade Diamond
Freeman Stripe
Vintage Garden
Blue Toile Upholstery
Garrison Garden
Boardwalk Damask
Monterey Scroll
Jungle Cat Pride
Leopards Pride
Africa Animals
Congo by Waverly
The Oasis
Burgundy Medallion
Jungle Fun
Camberly America
Cottage Garden
Flirt Seaglass
Aztec Diamond
Prancing Animals
Navy Masterpiece
Amplitude Twill Black
Amplitude Twill Red
Amplitude Twill Grey
Amplitude Twill Navy
Amplitude Poplin Khaki
Milliken Duck Black
Milliken Duck Dark Grey
Emperial Diamond
Milliken Duck Navy Blue
Milliken Duck Deepest Mocha
Milliken Duck Orange
Sand Damask
Moss Paisley
Chichester Gold-Washed
Fern Leaf Gold
Windows Autumn-Robert Allen
Sarah's Garden
Secret Garden
Tropical-Peachtree Fabric
Equinox Cinnabar
Feathered Violet
Chenille Washed
Italian Tapestry-Floral
Jordan Stripe
Southwest Pottery
Vine Beauty
Rumba Spice
Aloha Spice
Mirage Spice
Benson Copper
Chenille Blue
Purple Swirls
Bikers Highway
Fair Isle Stripe Red-Waverly
Airlie Bouquet-Schumacher
Faylinn Fresco Teal
Yukon Animals
Sketchbook Green-Kravet
Tee Time
Tea Party
Ebony Circles-Robert Allen
Red/Gold Flamestich
Zolia Burgundy
Finnan Leopard-P/Kaufmann
Daisy Spa
Avenue Spa
Sotto Spa
Marion Spa
Jester Spa
Echo Paste
Confetti Cornflower
Fancy Lipstick / Chartreuse
Ikat Domino Christmas
Ikat Dots Chartreuse / White
Ikat Dots Lipstick / White
Nicole Lipstick / White
Anderson Lipstick / White
Bon-Bon Latte
Boca Latte
Bella Latte
Baja Latte
Bijan Latte
Coral Solid
Gotcha Girly Blue / Twill
Anchors Premier Navy / Slub
Anchors Coastal Blue / Slub
Anchors Ash / Slub
Anchors Candy Pink / White
Raji Candy Pink / White
Amsterdam Candy Pink / White
Feathers Spirit / Slub
Feathers Canal / Slub
Feathers Bittersweet / Slub
Cheyenne Bittersweet / Slub
Arrow Bittersweet / Slub
Fynn Coral / White
Fynn Onyx / Natural
Bordeaux Lava / White
Bordeaux Shadow Black
Lyon Lava / White
Lyon Kiwi / White
Magna Bittersweet / Slub
Curtis Cool Grey / White
Cross Storm / Twill
Surat Indigo
Surat Black
Surat Coral
Delhi Indigo
Delhi Coral
Delhi Black
Jaipur Black
Jaipur Indigo
Jaipur Coral
Summer Days-Waverly
Springtime Bloom
Spice Island-Waverly
Fair Isle Stripe Navy-Waverly
Custom Valance - Rod Pocket
Custom Valance - Tab Top
Custom Valance - Pinch Pleat
Custom Valance - Euro Pleat 2 Finger
Custom Valance - Euro Pleat 3 Finger
Custom Valance - Cartridge Pleat (stuffed)
Custom Valance - Butterfly Pleat 2 Finger
Custom Valance - Butterfly Pleat 3 Finger
Custom Valance - Goblet Pleat
Custom Drapery Panel - Rod Pocket
Custom Drapery Panel - Tab Top
Custom Drapery Panel - Scalloped Top Tab Top
Custom Drapery Panel - Pinch Pleat
Custom Drapery Panel - Euro Pleat 2 Finger
Custom Drapery Panel - Euro Pleat 3 Finger
Glamour Antique Gold - 110" wide-US125-A5
Glamour Gold - 110" wide-US125-A4
Glamour Light Taupe - 110" wide-US125-A3
Virtue Pearl - 110" wide-US125-1
Virtue Wine - 110" wide-US125-6
Virtue Latte - 110" wide-US125-2
Sebastian Brick - 110" wide
Sebastian Latte - 110" wide
Hollyhock Pearl
Cyprus Natural
Washed Denim Buckaroo Indigo
Revolution Mt. Fiesta
Hopedale Cocoa
Paquin Gypsy
Paquin Coin
Lucas Charcoal
Frickle Pea Pod
Carolina Brass
Sailor Mint / Twill
Napa Tangerine
Napa Hickory
Blazin' Bandana Black / Red
Marine Vinyl Dark Grey
Hollywood Stripe
Fashion Rose
Sweet Daphne Plaid
Luxury Stripe
Rustic Plaid
Luxury Flowers
Zola Mink
Zola Seascape
Palais Black
Marisol Cadmium
Marisol Cappuccino
Ruthy Spring
Arial Tomato
Ebony Flowers - Robert Allen
Wendell Raven
Czarine Merlot
Azzuro Tangerine
Carla Merlot
Carman Merlot
Mocha / Blue Diamond
Sierra Hills Stripe
Zola Raisin
Nancette Marine
Nancette Licorice
Nancette Poppy
Nancette Putty
Margarita Garden
Telford Licorice
Bovary Apple
Tags Rustic
James Thompson 7 oz. Cotton Duck Red
James Thompson 7 oz. Cotton Duck Hunter Green
James Thompson 7 oz. Cotton Duck Black
James Thompson 9.3 oz. Cotton Duck Pure Cream
*REMNANT* James Thompson 9.3 oz. Cotton Duck Avocado
James Thompson 9.3 oz. Cotton Duck Gold
James Thompson 9.3 oz. Cotton Duck Fuchsia
10 oz. Cotton Duck Zen Natural
James Thompson 9.3 oz. Cotton Duck Red
*REMNANT* J. Thompson 9.3oz Cotton Duck White
Topeka Sweet Potato
Cotton Duck Cambria Chocolate
Cotton Duck Cambria Fawn
Cotton Duck Cambria Graphite
Cotton Duck Cambria Blue Bird
Raven Loden
Towers Stripe Black
Navigator Antique
Luster Slate
Luster Peacock
Vista Carnival
Nambia Hot Pink
Nambia Denim
Nambia Lime
Pastis Gunmetal
Pastis Lipstick
Pastis Sand
Shiraz Mediterranean
Shiraz Carnival
Trellis Grey
Trellis Gold
Trellis Putty
Trellis Cream
Esperanza Mushroom
Esperanza Taupe
Esperanza Midnight
Esperanza Indigo
Flamenco Carnival
Regatta Cognac
Silsida Cherry Blossom
Oxford Slub Ivory
How Tweet Chartreuse
Tommy Bahama Bahamian Breese-Outdoor
Caressa Ebony
Belcanto Ebony
Chianti Bizzy
Garden Crewel Berry
Galapagos Flax
Bella Dove
Linton Bronze
Lots of Dots Spring
Buoy Ginger
Williamsburg Shalimar Resist Cocoa
Linxon Sterling
Chennai Spring
Divine Smokey Amethyst
Whirl Tutti Fruitti
Solomon's Seal Laurel
Pintado Pistachio
Stencil It In Chocolate Onyx
Olympic Stripe Flax / Black
Emperor's Garden Sapphire
Island Tropic Breeze
Medina Sunstone-P/Kaufman
Calypso Surfside
Calypso Carnival
Calypso Blush
Spring Splendor - Indoor / Outdoor
Aztec Denim - Indoor / Outdoor
Terrasol Spanish Tile Indigo - Indoor / Outdoor
Arabesque Seabreeze
Funky Monkey Carnival
Itty Bitty Cactus
Fjord Starlight
Fjord Creme Burlee
Julian Yellow Chartreuse
Julian Mocha
Julian Flamingo
How Tweet Tutti Fruitti
Aspiration Mocha
Aspiration Lime
Aspiration Brown
Gimlet Tussah
Gimlet Mocha
Gimlet Linen
Gimlet Flint
Wrangler Driftwood
Virtue Light Taupe - 110" wide-US125-3
Virtue Gold - 110" wide-US125-4
Doodles Black / Grey
Twist and Shout Ebony
Oh Indigo
Linardi Shiraz
Herringbone Grey
Jack's Beanstalk Mocha
Island Ease Ocean
Lovely Margarita
France Taupe
Glamour Wine - 110" wide-US125-A6
Medina Jasper-P/Kaufman
Gun Metal Millie
Medina Tourmaline-P/Kaufmann
Chenille Diamond Chocolate
Bishop Teak
Plait Rhubarb
Sandstorm Brick
**REMNANT** Chester Loden
Wide Stripe Navy / White - Indoor / Outdoor
Regency Moss
Custom Pillow Cover - Made out of fabric of your choice
Custom Christmas Stocking Kit
10% OFF - coupon: CSK10

Softknit BK Red Lacquer
Softknit BK Lemongrass
Softknit BK Greystone
Softknit BK Amber
Softknit BK Taupe
Softknit BK Twine
Softknit BK Aloe
Softknit BK Mineral
Softknit BK Rain
Softknit BK Orange Crush
Softknit BK Rust
Softknit BK Ivory
Custom Pillow Sham
Alex Kiwi
Alex Kiwi / Lipstick
Alex Snowy
Alex Premier Navy
Deer Silhouette Kiwi / White
Deer Silhouette Lipstick / White
Deer Silhouette Premier Navy / White
Deer Silhouette White / Storm Twill
Cass Kiwi / Lipstick
Nicole Chartreuse / White
Fynn Chartreuse / White
Fynn Lipstick / White
Fulton Lipstick / White
Fancy Kiwi / White
Small Houndstooth Chartreuse / White
Ivon Kiwi / Lipstick
Custom Table Runner (you choose your fabric)
Softknit BK Aegean
Softknit BK Indigo
Softknit BK Charcoal
Pure Petals Pomegranate
Pure Petals Ultramarine
Pure Petals Greystone
Pure Petals Coral
Pure Petals Pool
Vintage Blossom Citrine
Vintage Blossom Jade
Ming Dragon Persimmon
Ming Dragon Midnight
Ming Dragon Aquatint
Ming Dragon Admiral
Luna Flora Berry Crush
Luna Flora Storm
Luna Flora Poppy
Soft Floral Coral
Soft Floral Dew
Peony Vine Dew
Peony Vine Berry Crush
Peony Vine Coral
Ehnic Diamond Berry Crush
Ehnic Diamond Dew
Neo Flame Currant
Neo Flame Mineral
Neo Flame Coral
Bold Ikat Mineral
Bold Ikat Currant
Bold Ikat Aqua
Hand Circles Greystone
Hand Circles Citrine
Hand Flora Amber
Hand Flora Greystone
Hand Flora Indigo
Global Lines Greystone
Global Lines Cove
Global Lines Amber
Circle Crest Rain
Circle Crest Citrine
Circle Crest Indigo
Circle Crest Pomegranate
Crossed Lines Gold Leaf
Crossed Lines Dew
Neo Toile Indigo
Neo Toile Coral
Neo Toile Cove
Crypton Pure Solid BK Truffle
Crypton Pure Solid BK Berry
Crypton Pure Solid BK Indigo
Crypton Pure Solid BK Rain
Crypton Pure Solid BK Lemongrass
Crypton Pure Solid BK Twine
Crypton Pure Solid BK Natural
Crypton Pure Solid BK Off-White
Groovy Baby Chocolate
Groovy Baby Citron
Garden Craft Slub Scarlet
Chi Chi Bittersweet
Zavalla Madden Green
Ele White / Blue
Stretch White / Blue
Fun Floret Spruce
Padma Brompton Moondance
Stonington Circa Jumping Bean
Hide-N-Seek Espresso
Hide-N-Seek Ginger
Ballad Bouquet Sepia
Boho Batik SNS Chestnut - Indoor / Outdoor
Incantation Gemstone
Incantation Harvest
Salgado Lilypad
Salgado Basil
Erin Country House Red
10 oz. Cotton Duck Zen - 20 shades
Soul Mate Mulberry
Esra Embroidery Cinnamon
Bohemian Swirl Mulberry
Cub Cabin Jumping Bean
Palazzo Leone Verde
Archival Urn Umber
Bishop Plaid Denim
Ikat Diamond Lapis
Clarence Bark
True Timber Cotton Camo New Conceal
Burlap - Woodland Camo
Terrasol Spanish Tile Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Terrasol Spanish Tile Coral - Indoor / Outdoor
Terrasol Jaipur Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Terrasol Surat Peacock - Indoor / Outdoor
Vista Marine
Vista Peacock
French Stamp Onyx / Natural
French Stamp Sherbet Gray / Twill
French Stamp Premier Red / Natural
French Stamp Sunshine Navy / Natural
Penmanship Onyx / Natural
Stretch Corn Yellow / Slub
Ele Corn Yellow / Slub
Custom Duvet Cover
Custom Shower Curtain
Marine Vinyl - Burgundy
Marine Vinyl - Chestnut Brown
Marine Vinyl - Cameo
Marine Vinyl - Pecan
Marine Vinyl - Ensign Blue
Marine Vinyl - Schooner Blue
Marine Vinyl - Palma Bone
Marine Vinyl - Eclipse Red
Marine Vinyl - Spectra Poppy
Marine Vinyl - Golden
Marine Vinyl - Cuddy Grey
Marine Vinyl - Cuddy Buff
Marine Vinyl - Flagship Blue
Marine Vinyl - Luster Palm
Marine Vinyl - Deep Sea
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Coffee
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Granite
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Burgundy
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Tropical Blue
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Hunter Green
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Redwood
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Charcoal
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Spice
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Indigo
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Tan
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Almond
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Navy
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Black
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - White
Marine Spa Expanded Vinyl - Light Gray
Bonded Faux Leather - Sienna
Bonded Faux Leather - Rust
Marine Vinyl - Premier Teal
Expanded Vinyl - El Paso Tan
Custom Item
Metal Drapery Grommets #12
52" Promo Burlap Black
52" Promo Burlap Brown
52" Promo Burlap Dutch Iris
52" Promo Burlap Light Olive
52" Promo Burlap Caribbean Blue
Flame Retardant Marine Vinyl - Glam Copper Agate
Flame Retardant Marine Vinyl - Glam Quartz
Flame Retardant Marine Vinyl - Glam Platinum
Eternity Coral
Eternity Gunmetal
Eternity Pacific
Kirkland Black
Kirkland Mandarin
Kirkland Graphite
Katy Graphite
Katy Buff
Kenyon Beige
Barbary Indigo
Passages Garnet
Palais Ruby
Kilkenny Natural
Eastwood Natural
Tiffany Jacquard Ivory - imperfect
C-Tate Azure
Spring Social Tangerine
Cheshire Stripe Colonial - Indoor / Outdoor
Upload images
Custom Sewing Payment
Coachella Poppy
Majorca Heather
Majorca Mist
Majorca Amber
Wayzata Amber
Wayzata Heather
Wayzata Mist
Wayzata Stone
Tally Graphite
Tally Celadon
Tally Garnet
Tally Blue Bird
Bremer Blue Bird
Bremer Garnet
Bremer Celadon
Bremer Graphite
Gabriella Garnet
Gabriella Lime
Willa Lime
Willa Garnet
Abaco Flax
Abaco Indigo
Tortola Seashell
Tortola Navy
Sonia Berry
Grande Turquoise
Grande Berry
Dominica Gunmetal
Cresent Smoke
Cresent Pacific
Cresent Chili
Cresent Lime
Alhambra Graphite
Alhambra Teal
Zamora Teal
Marquis Sand
Marquis Dove - very slightly imperfect
Marquis Driftwood
Milly Sand
Milly Plum
Bennison Pumpkin
Daintree Graphite
Zola Graphite
Zola Apricot
Zola Flax
Coastal Ginger
Latham Palm
Mambo Bronze
Kosi Clay
Hanan Blue Bird
Snake Skin Earth
Odille Ultramarine
Kiji Navy
Wizard Graffiti - slightly imperfect
Begonia Black Pearl
Metal Drapery Grommets #15
Metal Grommets #2
Custom Drapery Panel - Grommet
Sarah Incense
Puzzled Persimmon
Petal Pusher Rose
Soyinka Island
Persiana Porcelain
Rugelach Fern
Starstruck Ming
Remnant-Shiba Cordovan
Sorbo Cafe
Pondicherry Moonstone
Feel Good Linen
Paisley Park Breeze
Williamsburg Shalimar Resist Pistachio
Chill Factor Chocolate
Time Zone Bark
Fluke Caramel
Mozart Pecan
Lucilla Ruby
Luray Pinwheel Silver Birch
Affinity Sunset
Flair Ivory
Thoreau Pebble
Trellis Aquabeige
Trellis Palm
Trellis Sunglow
Silk Fabric Messing Amber
Lots of Dots Walnut
Hyperlink Opal
Hyperlink Spice
Thatch Tutti Frutti
Thatch Oasis
On The Web Papaya
Looping Around Willow
Cross Stitched Sunglow
Petal Pusher Juniper
Williamsburg Shalimar Resist Prune
Barstow Lattice Sunset
Leaf Forever Scarlet
Magic Garden Lapis
Magic Garden Nectar
Chill Factor Emerald City
Radiant Trail Lapis
Duluce De Leche Spring
Stitch Chevron Tutti Frutti
Stitch Chevron Pearl
Alba Sunset
Alexandria Noir
Flamenco Peacock
Color Me In Peacock
Studly Dusk
Mansfield Beige
Jaffe Swirl Ruby
Delavan Khaki
Miley Chocolate
Esra Embroidery Desert
Assyrian Vine Amaryllis
Selim Heather
Gainsborough Ladybug
59" Sparkle Burlap Green
59" Sparkle Burlap Natural
59" Sparkle Burlap Oyster
59" Sparkle Burlap Plum
59" Sparkle Burlap Red
Barstow Lattice Portabello
Gilroy Floral Antique
Delavan Maple
Brizo Exotic Bouquet
01370-T Ebony Brown
Crueller Ivory
Monrovia Spring
Bethesda Ruby Slipper
Pop Art Citrine
Pop Art Onyx
Brilliant Blooms Wheat Grass
Brilliant Blooms Pool
Bamboo Bay Pale Ale
Canario Spa
Tile Talk Cocoa
Tribal Twist Onyx
Chevron Peaks Solid Snow
Roundabout Onyx
Roundabout Mango
Intricacy Sunset
Intricacy Gemstone
Intricacy Mineral
Grandeur Mourning Dove
01648 Trend Pepper
Alba Merlot
Surfs Up Shell
Beads Holiday
Evan Holiday
Holiday Bunnies Holiday
Holiday Folks Holiday
Reef Tracery Sugarcane
Reef Tracery Sandcastle
Cocoa/ Lime Spots
Ebony Pintuck
Button Silk Seafoam
Ivory Pintuck
Como Bark
Roenick Poppy
Olympia Scroll Slate
Athena Slate
Athena Rose
Camble Blossom
Camble Indigo
Camble Natural
Regal Oakmont
Regal Garnet
Regal Ivory
Oriental Garden Blossom
Bouquet Stripe Sunny
Floral Bouquet Garnet
Mandarin Vineyard - slightly imperfect
Canterbury Linen
Hindu Berry
Catania Garnet
Emily Meadow
Pineapple Sunny
Amy Peach
Miri Brown
Miri Golden Tan
Gingham Sage / Ivory
Ripple Green
Dot Dot Green
Dustin Mauve / Tan
Barton Olive
Kavoi Olive
Subtle Stripe Gold
Marjorie Black
Marjorie Brown
Fabric Cleaner by Forcefield 22 oz.
Fabric De-Crease by Forcefield 22 oz.
Fabric Protector by Forcefield 22 oz.
UV Sunblock by Forcefield 22 oz.
Leather Cleaner & Conditioner by Forcefield 22 oz.
Fireguard by Forcefield 22 oz.

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