Jun 17

Bento box

There’s something about the bento box that I love. It’s a whole different way of thinking about packed meals that goes far beyond the concept of a sandwich and chips. Bento lunches are compartmentalized meals that incorporate a lot of creativity — at least as far as a typical American lunch is concerned. Originally Japanese, they can be filled with any kind of foods.
Here’sa great FAQ about bento boxes.This little lunch box is very cute. I found the project at larkcrafts.com.


(Click fabrics for direct links for purchase at Warehouse Fabrics Inc.)

Spiroplaid Chocolate / Chartreuse

Madison Chocolate / Chartreuse

Bias tape


1/4 yard of each fabric (or less — see pattern); 2 packages of extra-wide, double-fold bias tape; small piece of Velcro. (I used Velcro instead of a tie closure.)

The pattern

This project can be found here.

Other views

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