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Apr 29

Starfruit cushions

Aren’t these cushions fun? Assembling them feels almost like doing a puzzle. I found this project at Matching Pegs. Give it a try! The pattern is made from a bunch of squares, so you can easily change the size by changing the size of the squares. Interesting buttons can really make the pillow special!


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Majestic Dot Truffle

Majestic Truffle

Windsor Plaid Truffle

Madison Buttercup

Jasper Atlantic

Gold fabric currently unavailable

Polyester stuffing

2 buttons per pillow

The pattern

This fun project can be found at Matching Pegs. 

The cushion in the intro photo was a little more difficult for me to make than the cushion shown at the bottom of this post because the fabric frayed really easily. If you’re using a “shreddy” fabric, I recommend using a seam allowance larger than the 1/4″ used here. My “gold” pillow (shown at bottom) worked fine with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Other views

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